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Will Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) officially be an item in Season 3 of Blindspot? It's looking like a big old YES!

After a flirtatious first season, the two ended a turbulent and occasionally antagonistic second season in Weller's bed for the first time, leaving Jeller fans ecstatic. And though the Season 2 finale flash-forwarded to a time two years in the future when Jane and Weller are far apart from each other, the couple will be getting closer together before splitting up.

Blindspot Finale: What Was Up With That Ending!?!?

TV Guide has learned that Weller and Jane will be cohabitating when Season 3 begins. Or at least they look awfully comfortable together in Weller's apartment, with the big lug making his squeeze breakfast and the tattooed mystery lady lounging around in a robe. That doesn't just happen when things are casual.

The real question lingers: What takes Jane away from Weller two years in the future, and why is Weller wearing his old wedding ring again? Let's put that aside and just be happy that Jeller is on, OK?