After a month off, Blindspot returns Wednesday with a big episode that promises to expose Nas' (Archie Panjabi) mole inside Sandstorm. But before we get to that, let's check in with our resident caged animal Roman (Luke Mitchell), shall we?

In this exclusive clip, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Roman talk shop about Jane's romantic life, showing that Roman knows what's really important on this show and that he's connecting with all us fans who want to see her happy, or at least living a somewhat normal life.

What's great about this clip is that it shows the juxtaposition between these two siblings and how different their paths have been despite being inflicted with the same memory-wiping situation. Jane is out getting drinks and having a social life, while Roman counts the seams in the walls of his cell for fun. Oof.

Will Roman ever get a chance at a "normal" life?

Blindspot airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.