Oh, Edgar Reade.

Reade's issues with his repressed memories boiled over with deadly consequences in this week's episode of Blindspot. The recently unhinged agent tried to find the truth about his past and whether or not he was one of Coach Jones' (Brian O'Neill) sexual abuse victims. Instead, what he found at Jones' house (in addition to a secret closet full of VHS cassettes with his and his former teammates names on them) was Jones' corpse.

So did he do it? It sure looks like he did it. To get to the bottom of things, TVGuide.com got actor Rob Brown on the line to talk about what's next, whether he has blood on his hands and the pesky FBI mole.

Rob Brown, BlindspotRob Brown, Blindspot

What was your reaction when you saw Reade's storyline in this early part of the season?

Rob Brown: I was in L.A. during hiatus and I met with [creator] Martin [Gero] and he broke it down, and I was like, "Cool." I'm sorry to be so simple, but that's kinda where it was.

Blindspot is thought of as an action-drama, but your story is delving into some serious subject matter. Did you do any research into survivors of sexual abuse?

Brown: No. The reason being because I'm not really sure, you know what I'm saying? They tell me not to spoil stuff, and that's fine, because I don't know [if Reade was abused or not]. That sounds like laziness, but hopefully it comes off convincingly enough. In terms of repressed memories, though, that type of stuff I have read up on. Actually, Martin and I have a phone call with a psychologist that Martin is going to hook me up with to get deeper into it as we get further on into the season, which is going to be cool for the remainder. But in terms of victims, I kind of didn't want to — do you understand what my train of thought? — Reade doesn't know, so I didn't want to know where I was going if potentially I wasn't even going there.

It seems that with Jane's storyline and Reade's repressed memory storyline, Martin is diving deeper into the idea of memory and how it's processed this season.

Brown: Definitely. The thing about it is, what's interesting about everything as a whole in Blindspot is you create conversations like, well everyone is having trouble with their past. I think it's intriguing for the overall mythology of the show, you get people grabbing their chins and wondering "What's going on here?" I think that's the most interesting thing. And as I say this, I realize I want to know. We're not in the dark about stuff, we're prepared to work, we get a couple scripts ahead but the mythology is so dense. It's kind of cool for me, it's always good to be a fan of the show you're on, so it's cool to spitball back and forth with you because I really don't know!

Look out, folks, Reade is a loose cannon who might hurt everyone

Can you give us an idea of Reade's headspace right now? He's been violent, angry, confused so far this season. Where is he at the conclusion of this episode?

Brown: I don't think anything will change for him emotionally or professionally. Reade has been, like you said, volatile, he's been inconsistent, he's been unstable in some ways. In subtle ways he's been unsure, in obvious ways he's been unsure. That's where he's at. I think at the end of this episode, though, you'll see he's trying to find some closure. He's trying to find control again. He's a little out of control. He's trying to find control and you'll see him take steps toward that.

Do you think Reade felt — I don't want to use the world relief — but in seeing Coach Jones' dead body, did he get any closure from that?

Brown: Yes. Some. But not all. At the very least just closure that a bad person can do no more harm. At the end of the day, he's an FBI agent who catches bad guys. If a bad guy goes, great. Personally, man. There is no closure with him gone. You can't speak to him, that's done. Now everything is empirical.

It really seemed like Reade killed Coach Jones. He was hovering over the body. Did he kill Coach Jones?

Brown: I'm not sure.

All right. If someone else did it, would it be safe to say Freddy would be a suspect?

Brown: Well that would make sense, victims would be suspects I feel like that in that regard.

There are rumors of a mole inside the FBI. Do you have any idea who it is at all?

Brown: I have my suspicions. But man, I just don't know. The brain trust has not told me.

A lot of people are saying it's Borden (Ukweli Roach).

Brown: There's good theories for everybody, so... I just don't want to get egg on my face.

Blindspot airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.