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Blindspot: What Is Oscar's Endgame?

And what is Mayfair thinking?!

Liz Raftery

Can Oscar (Francois Arnaud) be trusted?

That's the question that Blindspothas been posing for months - and sure enough, just as Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is allowing herself to be vulnerable around him, we learn that his endgame may pose a serious threat to her after all.

At the end of Monday's episode, Oscar met with one of his co-conspirators, who expressed concern that Oscar had gotten too close to Jane to carry out their plan. Exactly what that plan is remained a mystery, but it's a safe bet that it will tie back to Tom Carter's (Michael Gaston) disappearance because -- surprise! -- Oscar and co. have actually been holding onto Carter's dead body this whole time. Gross.

Is the idea to frame Jane for Carter's murder? Force Jane to expose herself as a mole? Dispose of Jane once they've gotten what they've needed from the FBI? Only time will tell. But the fact that Oscar told Jane earlier in the episode that he wants to step down as her handler indicates that he's aware their relationship is a problem as well. (He backed down after she started crying, and reminded him that he's the only one who really knows her.)

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Given what we know so far about Oscar and Jane's relationship, it does seem that he genuinely cares about her -- he even made her favorite tea, for crying out loud. But maybe the reason Oscar has been so reluctant to fill Jane in on the details of his plan is because it involves her demise.

That would be a pretty good reason for Jane/Taylor to have erased all of her memories at the start of the whole thing, wouldn't it? If this is all just an elaborate suicide mission, it's a lot easier for a person with no memories or feelings about anyone around her -- a Jane Doe, if you will -- to give up her life than it would be for an average person.

Jaimie Alexander, Francois Arnaud, Blindspot

NBC, Paul Sarkis/NBC

Of course, the other big talking point of the episode involves another (allegedly) dead body. The hour picked up right where last week's episode ended, with Sophia (Sarita Choudhury) crawling into Mayfair's (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) car and announcing that her whole suicide thing was a ruse. It turned out that Mayfair wasn't part of the hoax and actually did believe that her former lover had died. (Although, again, she is remarkably calm given this revelation. I guess nothing rattles Mayfair, truly.)

Besides, she's got bigger issues to deal with: According to Sophia, someone has found out about Operation Daylight and is targeting the people involved -- including Sophia, who's been hiding out in Paraguay this whole time, and got the hell out of dodge when she realized she was being followed. News that Tom Carter has disappeared only confirmed Sophia's fears.

Clearly what we're meant to assume here is that the people targeting Sophia and the rest of the Daylight crew link back to Oscar and friends. That's obviously true for Tom Carter, but something tells me there's going to be at least one more twist with this plotline before the end of the season.

Anyway, Sophia says she came to Mayfair seeking money (rude?). Mayfair tells Sophia she still loves her, but can't forgive her for the whole faking her own death and running away to Paraguay thing, which is understandable. She asks Sophia to stay in New York, where Mayfair can use the FBI's resources to protect them both. This seems dodgy, at best, and Sophia is like, "No, that's okay, I'll just take all your savings, thx." She makes a halfhearted plea for Mayfair to run away with her, but instead Mayfair just hands over $48k and sends Sophia on her way.

Um, what?! I refuse to believe Mayfair is that boneheaded. She's got to have something else up her sleeve ... right?

Finally, we also see that Zapata (Audrey Esparza) is attending Gamblers Anonymous meetings (as "Lauren"). We learn that her gambling issues started back when she was a lowly cop and her partner was shot point-blank by a suspect while they were responding to a call. "Even when I was losing, it was on my terms," she says of her bets. "It was something I could control." Well, not anymore.

What do you think, Blindspot fans? Have any theories about what Oscar's really up to? And did something feel off about Mayfair and Sophia's interaction to you? Share your theories!

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.