Monday's episode of Blindspot saw the return of a familiar face - and no, we're not talking about Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer).

Mr. Dotcom, whom fans will remember from an earlier episode in which Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) posed as a pair of married assassins, did play a big role in "One Begets Technique." But the more shocking cameo came from Sophia (Sarita Choudhury), Mayfair's (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) former lover who was thought to have committed suicide — but is actually very much alive.

Sofia showed up in the final seconds of the episode, crawling into Mayfair's car immediately after Mayfair hung up with the cute Californian she met at the bar from last week's episode. She's greeted by a gun in the face courtesy of a startled Mayfair, but calmly says, "Bethany, don't shoot. It's me."

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Mayfair looks surprised, to be sure, but is her surprise due to the fact that someone's unexpectedly getting into the backseat of her car, or because she never expected to see Sofia again? And if she never expected to see Sofia again, is that because she believes her to be dead, or has she known the alleged suicide was a ruse all along? Mayfair's certainly not one to wear her emotions on her sleeve, but you'd think she would be a little more expressive if the love of her life all of a sudden came back from the dead after several years.

The rest of the episode revolves around an art heist, with Rich Dotcom, after getting beaten up in prison, promising Jane and Weller that he can lead them to one of the FBI's most wanted terrorists. For bait, he plans to use 11 paintings that were stolen from a Boston museum in 1990 and never recovered - a crime that really happened, by the way. Dotcom's elaborate plan involves the team dodging a series of seemingly impossible security measures the perpetrator of the original heist (an art enthusiast-slash-professor) has put in place to protect the paintings, and later Dotcom himself escorting Jane to a party to deliver the paintings.

But - surprise! - the whole thing is a ploy by Dotcom to free himself from prison. The paintings he and Jane deliver to the supposed "terrorist" are actually all fakes, duplicated from the originals by the art restorer the FBI brings in to repair one of the paintings that was damaged as they lifted it from the professor's house.

After making it look like he's about to commit suicide (a recurring theme in this episode!), Dotcom actually parachutes off the roof of the house where the party's being held and onto the ground, where he meets the art restorer - his ex - and they drive off happily ever after, the original paintings safely stored in the backseat. I'm guessing this is not the last we'll see of Rich Dotcom.

And conning the FBI into staging his own prison break isn't the only havoc Rich manages to wreak in the episode. His constant commentary about the sparks that are so obviously flying between Weller and Jane (apparently he can see them, even if the audience can't) eventually prompt Ali (Trieste Kelly Dunn) to tell Weller she wants to stop seeing him until he sorts his Jane s--- out.

Note to Ali: This will probably take a while. Because, what's the first thing Weller does after hearing this? Takes Jane to meet his dying father in the hospital - where she pretends to have a flood of memories from a fishing expedition they took when they were kids, but is really just making up a story based on the photos Oscar (Francois Arnaud) gave her last week. Weller, of course, totally falls for it. If he's that gullible, no wonder Rich Dotcom was able to play him so easily ...

Blindspot airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.