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Blindspot Exclusive: Jane Blames Weller for Roman's Violent Outburst

But Weller tells her his side of the story

Tim Surette

When it comes to Roman (Luke Mitchell) in this season of Blindspot, it's best to accept the fact that he's essentially an untamed beast and unpredictability is part of his nature.

Case in point, last week Roman went into a fit and attacked Jane after recalling that it was his sister who erased his memory with the aid of a ZIP injection. This after being close with Jane (Jaimie Alexander) all season long.

In this exclusive clip of this week's episode, "Mom," Jane confronts Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) about what happened and immediately puts the blame on her boss/part-time lover. But Weller has a different explanation for what happened, and Jane isn't so sure she's willing to accept it.

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What they'll both have to accept, though, is that Roman may need to be treated with kid gloves lest he lash out again and really cause problems as the FBI gets closer and closer to Sandstorm.

Blindspot airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.