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On the morning that the Golden Globe nominations are announced, at 5:38 am PT, most people await the good news in their pajamas. But The Event's Blair Underwood woke up long before dawn to bring an early Christmas present to this year's nominees. Before he headed back to bed, TV Guide Magazine caught up with the fictional president about what's coming up when his show returns next spring.

TV Guide Magazine: How is work on The Event?
Work is good! We're off the air for three months, which I'm not crazy about [the show returns to NBC February 28]. I don't quite understand it, but what I do know is that we have 12 more episodes to air, and I know they want to end with a big bang in May. That's when everybody makes the decisions for the new season so [we'll have] back-to-back [episodes] to gain momentum.

TV Guide Magazine: How do you feel about the first half of the season?
Creatively, I feel very good about it. Creatively, I love it. It's just where we were positioned in terms of programming. We were up against the crossfire of Monday Night Football, Dancing With the Stars and Two and a Half Men, so it was a very difficult place to be. But that said, I think that we have a very solid audience, and the network is strongly behind the show.

TV Guide Magazine: Give us a good tease, because people have to stay excited for a really long time.
One of the things we've talked about before is answering questions. So in the next couple of episodes we talk specifically about the event, and what's coming, and that it is coming. The real event. And also we have two new characters. Virginia Madsen joins. She plays a mother from Alaska, who becomes a Senator. So she's a political force from Alaska. Attractive woman. Housewife. From Alaska. (Raises eyebrow.) And the other is our new Chief of Staff, played by Roger Bart from Desperate Housewives. He's terrific!

TV Guide Magazine: There were some spectacular scenes this season with the kids who look like old people.
: I call them the Raisinets.

TV Guide Magazine: Hah. When do we see more of that, and will we learn why Hal Holbrook's Dempsey shifts in age?
That's all coming up. When we come back we'll start answering a lot of those questions. And especially in the subsequent episodes, we find out exactly what's going on, how Dempsey fits into the whole thing and the aging thing with the kids.

TV Guide Magazine: Were you surprised by any of the Golden Globe nominations? Anyone you were rooting for?
I really liked The Social Network, so those nominations didn't surprise me. Just look at the pedigree of [writer] Aaron Sorkin. It was a great film. What I loved about it is that the opening scene is just two people talking. Great banter and classic Aaron Sorkin. I just loved it. And I like Dexter. I love the whole psychological madness and the Robin Hood-esque feel of it. They got a lot of love today.

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