Black. White.
"Beautiful black creature"... not a bad way to describe a racehorse, or maybe your neighbor's black Lab, but a human being you've just met? Poor Carmen. Even

Bruno was shaking his head when she let loose with that one. You just know her intentions are golden too bad her mouth keeps getting in the way. As for housemate and newfound nemesis Renee, I'm surprised she doesn't limp. I mean that chip on her shoulder must weigh like half a ton! Seriously, she needs to lighten up. First she accuses Carmen of being judgmental, and then, not 30 seconds later, she says, "That just tells me how to deal with you from now on until this project is over with." Yeah, good thing Renee isn't quick to judge. Renee showed more respect to that crazy-looking, long-haired xenophobe in the bar who told her that not only are black people ignorant, they're proud of the fact.

Now I really hope I'm wrong, but after tonight's installment I doubt either Bruno or Renee are going to take anything away from this little experiment. Bruno pretends to be open-minded and objective, but his perception of cause and effect only confirms his belief that this whole "race thing" is really much ado about nothing. Renee, on the other hand, doesn't even pretend to have an open mind. She knows how the world works and even implies that segregation was preferable because at least "back then it was out in the open."

But give it up for Rose, again. That girl has a good heart, a good mind, and after throwing herself to the wolves at the poetry slam, she's even got a little bit of soul. But what I can't fathom is why they didn't throw her a bone. I mean one of the executive producers is Ice Cube, a pioneer of gangsta rap are you telling me he couldn't have come up with a quick little rhyme, instead of letting little Rose go up there and recite something youd find under the Wikipedia entry for Hallmark greeting cards?! And how about that grilling Chad gave her when she revealed her not-so-dark secret? "Cry, so I can see part of your white skin!" he tells her. And how could she not. Dan Roberts

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