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There's Another Way to Kill Stefan on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Yes, there is still more to see here

Amanda Bell

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch isn't ready to relinquish control of its audience just yet.

As director David Slade duly warned us all, there are so many secret endings and narrative pathways scattered throughout the show's playable format that we may never see everything he shot from Charlie Brooker's sprawling script. So, the Easter egg hunt continues, probably indefinitely.

To help nudge fans in one new direction, Netflix's UK Twitter feed teased that there was a least one piece of content fans were missing out on.

As noted by the folks at Decider, the streaming service hinted at a new piece of the Bandersnatch story puzzle by instructing watchers (players?) to choose to pick up the family photo a second time when prompted. Because we're totally at the mercy of Program and Control, this was something we just had to see for ourselves.

Every Easter Egg in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

As you may have already discovered, the first time you choose the family photo, Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) will experience a nightmare in which he reaches through the bathroom mirror into his childhood and emerges as the little boy whose bunny was cruelly kidnapped by his dad. After that, all the meta stuff with Netflix kicks in, and you'll get choices that might lead you to an epic fight scene with the therapist or killing off Dad and chopping up the body and such.

If you manage to find a way to circle back again to choose the family photo a second time, that's when things get a little bit wild. Stefan will be visited in his room by none other than Jerome F. Davies, the author whose book started this whole thing. He's not there for a friendly visit, though. Oh no. Davies is here to do more murder-y things because if anyone's been driven more mad by this choose-your-own-adventure business than Stefan, it's Jerome F. Davies himself. Hey, that's no way to treat your biggest fan, fella.

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As for which choices will bring you back around to the photo/book bit again so that you can unlock this secret little scene, well, it took us a little while to get there (OK, a lotta while) but we managed to do it like so:

Frosties (cereal) > Thompson Twins (music) > Refuse (to accept job) > Yes (to talk about Mom) > No (forced choice, not going with Mom) > Phaedra (vinyl selection) > Shout at Dad > Visit Dr. Haynes > Yes (to talk about Mom) > Nails > Flush them (medicine) > Hit desk > Pick up the family photo > Destroy computer > White Bear symbol (over Netflix) > Kill Dad > Bury the body > Yes (it'll be ready) > Let him go (Colin) > back to Chop or bury > Bury the body > back to Chop or bury > Bury the body > back to Chop or bury > Bury the body > back to Chop or bury > Chop up the body > Throw tea over the computer > back to Follow Colin > Yes (take drug) > Colin (jumping over the balcony) > Pick up the family photo ...

... and voila. Stabby time!

If you're wondering why we're having you bury the body a bunch of times in a row in this path, there's a reason. Not only does this route lead you to that savage new opportunity to kill off Stefan, but if you follow this series and bury Dad three times in a row, there's another new nugget of fun. Instead of Colin (Will Poulter) coming to Stefan's house to check in on the game progress, his boss Mohan (Asim Chaudhry) will get ticked off enough to make the trip himself and it... does not end well for either of them.

So, there. A two for one treat. Totally worth all the effort to follow this lead. Totally.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is streaming on Netflix.