Black-ish's Rainbow, played by everyone's girlfriend-in-their-head Tracee Ellis Ross, is many things: wife, mom, sister, doctor, occasional activist. But there's one thing she isn't — or at least, one thing we haven't seen her be — and when talking with in Los Angeles recently, Ross revealed what she'd like to see of Bow in Season 4.

"It might be interesting to see if Bow has a friend," she said in the deadpan silly style that's made her a Golden Globe winner and Instagram queen. "Maybe just one? I don't know, call me crazy."

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Mind-blowing right? It's something even the most ardent of black-ish fans might've never noticed, which, to be fair, is easy to do considering all the guests who've popped in and out of the series' world. Think hard though, and you realize the Johnsons' nutty neighbor Janine (Nicole Sullivan) is the closest thing Bow has to a girlfriend (no pun intended) although having to constantly manage Janine's kooky antics hardly qualifies as a rewarding friendship. Ross isn't complaining though; black-ish, she says, presents Bow as a whole, well-rounded woman she's proud to portray.

Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ishTracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish

"What's interesting to me about Bow is that she is a full woman," Ross said. "So her motherhood, her work-hood, her selfhood, her wife-hood — none of them holds more importance to her than her selfhood. This is a joyful, thriving woman. This is not a surviving...marginalized woman. And I think having the nuance of that is incredibly important."

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What else would she like to see in Season 4? "I think there's a lot of things that would be fun for me to explore," she said, referencing Season 3's "Manternity" — in which Bow is hiding her pregnancy at work — as rife with material to mine. "That cast of characters was pretty special. They were great actors and I think [her work life] would be pretty interesting to explore. It might be great to see her sister [Santamonica, played by Rashida Jones] and brother [Johan, played by Daveed Diggs] again because I love and loved working with them and it showed a really interesting and wonderful dynamic of Bow. Me and Ruby [Jenifer Lewis] is delicious. Me and Junior [Marcus Scribner]. There are so many configurations that could be interesting; that's a testament to our writers."

One thing she thinks Bow doesn't need though, is another baby. Season 4 will see the Johnson clan with a new kid in the house (one exiting as Yara Shahidi is departing for the college spin-off) since Bow gave birth in the Season 3 finale. "Bow has now five. She's set on the motherhood thing."

Black-ish returns for Season 4 in fall.