Young Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell was the main attraction at DreamWorks's post-Golden-Globe fete, held Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton's Polynesian-themed eatery Trader Vics. Gladiator hunk Russell Crowe approached the up-and-comer and, as Bell confided to TV Guide Online, the two "had a good ol' chat. He's just telling me how [the whole awards thing] works."

The advice could come in handy if Bell earns an Oscar nod, as some predict he might. Already sounding like an old pro, he jokingly discounted the hype. "We don't believe it," he laughed. "It's all a lot of hot air."

The star of the evening — Julia Roberts — made it her personal mission to hunt down Bell. "I have an almost 10-year-old niece who said 'Oh my God! He's gonna be there? Can I come?,' Roberts explained to TV Guide Online. "I'll just say hello and I'll tell her tomorrow that I shook his hand."

Well, the Golden Globe-winning Erin Brockovich actress did more than that. After meeting the lad, she invited him to join her and boyfriend Benjamin Bratt at their large corner booth. An adorably shy Bell complied, although he looked a little uncomfortable with all the attention.

As it was, Roberts's focus soon shifted back to Bratt. (Sorry Jamie.) The happy couple — oblivious to those around them — were clearly very much in love, and at one point, Bratt was spotted whispering what looked like "sweet nothings" into the ear of America's sweetheart.

Bliss was a major theme at the DreamWorks bash, as the studio won two of the evening's top prizes: Best Motion Picture Drama (Gladiator) and Best Motion Picture Comedy (Almost Famous). On hand to celebrate were studio helmer Steven Spielberg (with wife Kate Capshaw), Cast Away winner Tom Hanks and spouse Rita Wilson, Gladiator's victorous composer Hans Zimmer, and Almost Famous writer/director Cameron Crowe.

The party was so jam-packed that security directed the overflow crowd into a tented area that doubled as a holding pen. One exception was Hugh Hefner, who showed up on the arm of several Playmates and who was allowed to gain entry to the main room without incident.

Still, most of the partygoers gave the soiree two enthusiastic thumbs up. A spirited Hanks was even more complimentary, deeming the bash "the greatest ever — unlike any party I've been tonight."

Spoken like a guy who was trapped on an island for four years.