Billy Bush Billy Bush

Access Hollywood Live anchor Billy Bush is jetting off to London, where he and co-host Kit Hoover will broadcast their news-and-gossip show live all week long beginning Monday. They're covering the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, natch. What does Bush have in store for us shameless romantics?

TV Guide Magazine: The entire world is descending on London for the big day. How do you compete in all that media madness?
Bush: It's almost comical. Everyone's going over the top, so Access Hollywood Live is going even more over the top! We're going on a royal hunt. We'll go where Kate gets her mani-pedis. One moment we're learning proper English etiquette, the next we're pub-crawling at Prince Harry's favorite hangouts. [Laughs] We're going to roll around in all this royal wedding stuff like pigs!

TV Guide Magazine: Are you really into this? Or is this a royal pain?
Bush: I am very excited to be a part of all this. It's an opportunity to celebrate something positive. Usually, when all the world gathers in front of a TV, it's for something terrible and tragic. This is a good time for all.

TV Guide Magazine: We're still suckers for the fairy-tale wedding, even though Chuck and Di's didn't turn out so well. Why are we so hopeful about Will and Kate?
Bush: Looking at Diana, in retrospect, you see this naive little girl and think, "She had no chance in hell of happiness." She was plucked too early. That marriage was too arranged, too wrong. But William and Kate are doing it right. They're doing it their way. They've gone through a lengthy courtship and all the necessary stages of a relationship before getting hitched. It's so unroyal that it's cool.

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