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Bill O'Reilly tells Rachael Ray he had no idea his appearance on The View would cause such a stir, but says the walk-off was "great."

"I knew we would have a lively discussion because those ladies and I, with the exception of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, we kind of see life differently," O'Reilly told Ray in a segment airing on her show Thursday. "But I never thought that they were going ... They headed to the locker room and it wasn't even half time yet. Where is everybody?"

View co-hosts walk off stage Bill O'Reilly appearance

View co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off of the set during a discussion about a proposed Islamic mosque near Ground Zero. O'Reilly stated Americans didn't want the community center near Ground Zero because "Muslims killed us on 9/11." Behar and Goldberg returned to the stage several minutes later, after O'Reilly apologized.

O'Reilly's appearance on The Rachael Ray Show will be his first since he stopped by The View on Oct 14.

"When they walked out, I was going to myself 'this is great,' because I knew I'd get five segments on [The O'Reilly Factor]," he tells Ray. "And I knew, I could just take that and I could get three or four shows out of this."