Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham

It's not uncommon for Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly to become exasperated with a guest on his show — but it's rare that he yells at a fellow conservative.

That wasn't the case Tuesday, when O'Reilly blew up at conservative radio host Laura Ingraham over her criticism of comments he previously made regarding the debate over same-sex marriage. Ingraham took issue with O'Reilly's assertion last week that same-sex marriage advocates had a more compelling argument for their case than opponents of same-sex marriage. Those who support a ban on same-sex marriage, O'Reilly said, often resort to "thumping the bible" to defend their argument.

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"Why did you use the word 'thump'?" Ingraham asked O'Reilly Tuesday, during a heated exchange. "I don't think it helps."

After much back-and-forth, during which O'Reilly also clarified that there is no feud between him and radio host Rush Limbaugh over the issue of same-sex marriage, O'Reilly told Ingraham he was "disappointed" in her.

Watch their full exchange below. Do you think the phrase "thumping the Bible" is offensive?