Being a '90s TV star has its perks, but apparently being paid in full is not one of them. According to TMZ, Bill Nye — yeah, the science guy — is reportedly suing Disney for $9.3 million!

According to Nye, he received a check in 2008 back back-end profits of his popular educational TV series Bill Nye the Science Guy. The check was for $585 thousand, but Nye was soon contacted by Disney, who said they'd made an accounting error, and he'd have to return $496 thousand of that money.

That sounds fishy, right? Nye thought so too, which is why he requested an audit of Disney's books in 2016. The results of that audit pushed Nye to file an official suit against Disney, claiming that the company withheld $9.3 million in profits from him since 1993.

We obviously haven't heard Disney's side of the story yet, but until we do, we know who we're rooting for in this case.