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Just in time for the election, Emmy-nominated firebrand Bill Maher is back with 13 new weekly attacks on the right, left and everything in between on Real Time with Bill Maher. God bless America.

TV Guide: Are you bummed you're premiering after the Olympics and the whole John Edwards scandal?
Bill Maher: Who knows what's next…it could be even better. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Do you have an election-day ritual? Do you start drinking early?
Maher: [Laughs] Depends on who's winning!

What are your thoughts on the media coverage of the campaigns?
Maher: I'm amused when pundits say that McCain has to pick a running mate who's younger than he is. You think? Who's older?!

TV Guide: Your new documentary Religulous sounds like something all faiths can hate.
Maher: They should. I have no problem with spirituality, even though I don't know what it means exactly. I think for some people, it means they read about Kabbalah in US Weekly. I have a problem with organized religion, which is really organized superstition.

TV Guide: Who just needs to go the hell away?
Maher: Sherri Shepherd! The one who said the Earth isn't round? First, we know it's round because, like Sherri Shepherd, it can be seen from space. Secondly, to me this is child abuse. If you [can't] tell your children if the Earth is flat or not…this is why this country is in such trouble. We're bringing up ignorant children because they have ignorant parents.

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