Being controversial is hard work. You can't go about being "normal" for too long or you lose your cred as an agitator. But you can't just say crazy things all the time or you might end up president.

Bill Maher, host of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, knows this, and he found time to keep up his perfect level of controversy... even while on vacation!

Just over a month after Maher made headlines for using the N-word on his show and weeks after expressing his desire to bring back alt-right firestarter Milo Yiannapoulos to his show, Maher threw out a tweet that many are calling racist. Here it is for you to decide:

The responses to his tweet are almost universally negative, with many just as offended at the laziness of the joke as they are the racist undertones of it.

Speaking of lazy jokes, less than two hours after the tweet about North Korea went out, he spewed out this gem:

Hey-yo! Don't work so hard on vacation, Bill.