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Another woman has come forward accusing Bill Cosby of drugging her and possibly sexually assaulting her.

On Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, a woman, who chose only to be identified as Lisa, recalled meeting the comedian in 1988 when she was a 21-year-old aspiring model. "I was very excited to go and see him," Lisa said "I was starstruck. I felt invincible. I couldn't believe that he wanted to see me."

Lisa said the first time she met Cosby, he was "respectful and kind" and made her "feel very secure in seeing him again." The next time she saw Cosby, she even brought along her mother and sister. "My mother trusted Bill completely," Lisa recalled. But when Lisa visited Cosby at his hotel suite alone for a mentoring session, she says he forced her to have two drinks, which he claimed would help her acting.

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"I noticed myself getting a little dizzy," Lisa said. "Bill had sat down on the edge of the couch. He said, 'Come over here and have a seat.' And he had his legs open and when I sat down, I was sitting down in between his legs with my back to his crotch. And he started to stroke my hair back in a petting motion like this. The last thing I remember is just feeling the strokes on my head. After that, I don't remember anything else."

Lisa says she woke up at home two days later, with no memory of what had happened when she was unconscious.

"Do you know if he raped you? Do you know if he molested you in some way? You don't really know what happened" Dr. Phil asked.

"No," Lisa said, shaking her head.

So far, more than 20 women have accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, including several former models. The comedian's family has continued to support Cosby while his lawyer has denied the allegations.