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In November, Bill Cosby said he wouldn't comment on the multiple allegations of rape made against him by multiple women because he didn't "have to answer to innuendos."

On Wednesday, the actor finally broke his silence on the matter when he took to Twitter to thank a couple of his vocal supporters, including The Viewco-host Whoopi Goldberg and singer Jill Scott.

Bill Cosby rape allegations: All the latest news

Allegations of sexual assault first resurfaced in October when comedian Hannibal Buress accused Cosby of being a rapist during a stand-up set and a video of the performance went viral. Shortly thereafter, Goldberg used her position on The View to say she had a "lot of questions" about the entire situation.

Meanwhile, Scott took to her own Twitter account to defend the actor, posting messages like, "So they've proven the alleged allegations? I didn't know. Will they also be giving him back the millions he's donated?" 

A timeline of Bill Cosby's bad behavior

Very few of Cosby's former collaborators have come out in support of him, but actress Lisa Bonet, who played Cosby's daughter on the The Cosby Show,recently shot down rumors that she trashed Cosby on Twitter, claiming the account was fake.

Raven-Symoné also denied rumors that he ever assaulted her.