Tracey Yukich, The Biggest Loser Tracey Yukich, The Biggest Loser

Tracey Yukich spent her first few days on The Biggest Loser ranch in the hospital, only to come back and game-play more than any other contestant. Dubbed this season's villain, the 37-year-old homemaker from Texas created enemies all around her, betraying some of her allies when she won the power of choosing teams. After being up for elimination against roommate Liz, Tracey — who's not sharing her current weight until the finale — was ultimately voted out this week. caught up with the mother of four who has no regrets about her time on campus and says she has "amazing relationships" with the other Biggest Loser contestants. Do you think you played the game too hard?
Tracey Yukich: On the show ... Alison said, "Tracey, some of these choices you made at the beginning have come back to bite you," and I said, "We all have regrets." After I got home and really thought about what I said, I don't have regrets. From day one, I felt like things were out of control for me because of me going to the hospital and not being there with everyone else. I truly felt once I got home and really looked at the situation, I did everything that I had to do to make sure I stayed there as long as I could. I was one of 16 people that had this opportunity out of 500,000 people all over the country. I tried out for Biggest Loser three times, stood in line for 14 hours in the pouring rain in Dallas, and I made it on the show. My golly, why wouldn't you give it everything that you possibly have to stay there? This is my time to do it my way instead of always trying to please everybody else [even] if it meant I had stand over a line, I had to eat cupcakes, I had to choose teams. For once in my life, I pleased myself and I don't have any regrets over that. Now that you're home, do you speak to your fellow competitors?
Yukich: I have amazing, great relationships with all of the contestants on The Biggest Loser. A lot of people think that I don't, but I really do because what you all see is what you see on TV but when people know me, when people know who I am, they know where my heart is. How have you been able to continue your weight-loss at home?
Yukich: As a mom of four, I had to get very strict and concise about my workouts and my schedule. I have kids that play sports, dance, we have friends that want to come over and want to spend the night — we have a very busy life. I really just had to make sure I wrote a schedule out that worked for me and worked for my family. The hardest guilt thing that I had coming home was I have a 2-year-old daughter that I stay at home with. I knew that I had to find a gym that had a kids club and day care so that she could go there and it was a good environment for her [and] I could still get my workouts in. What's your workout schedule like?
Yukich: I am up every day at 4 a.m. and I am out that door before anyone is even awake in this house — even the dog is still asleep. I leave and go to the gym and I get a great workout. Most of my extreme workout is first thing in the morning. I come home by 7 and get the kids ready for school and out the door and make breakfasts and lunches, clean up the dishes, do some laundry and go back out again. It's a daily routine and I'm keeping up with it. I must say that my house isn't as clean as it's been and I'm probably not the best homemaker right now but that's OK ... Those dishes are going to be there when I get home, and that laundry's going to be there, and I don't freak out over things like I used to. As a stay-at-home mom a lot of us tend to freak out ... But now I don't worry about those things as much because what matters most is the time that I spend with my kids, the stories that I read to them, the way that I'm keeping myself healthy and how I'm keeping my family healthy. That's what is really important.