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NBC is gearing up for more tough love now that Jillian Michaels will have her own show.

Losing it with Jillian will feature a new family each week trying to change their lives — physically, mentally, even financially. The new weight-loss series will also be distinct from its successful predecessor.

"Biggest Loser is the last resort ... our show is an intervention," Michaels told TVGuide.com. "I wanted an opportunity to ... [go] to people's homes and [teach] them in their own environment."

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Michaels, 35, isn't kidding about going into families' homes — she'll be moving in with them. And by going to work with the parents and to school with the kids, Michaels said she'll be able to "evaluate and then implement a system that they can apply" so that the family has the tools to make it work within their own means once she's gone.

While this doesn't mean an end to Jillian's time on The Biggest Loser —she plans to continue that as well — she will be bringing along a familiar face. Chef Curtis Stone, who has made multiple appearances on Loser, will be lending a hand to help teach proper nutrition.

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Although each episode is a stand-alone, viewers still get the "where are they now" updates at the end. Only this time, Michaels said: "It's not going to be, 'You lost 300 pounds.' It's going to be, 'Yay, you got into medical school and you paid down your debt 20 percent and you lost 30 pounds and dropped your cholesterol.'"

The eight-episode series is scheduled to air in 2010.

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