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Spoiler Alert: The following reveals the winner of Tuesday's Biggest Loser finale.

After seven long months, one person is the named the ultimate loser — aka the winner — on the Season 10 finale of The Biggest Loser.

First, host Alison Sweeney introduced the 14 at-home contestants competing for the $100,000 prize. After losing 213 pounds (50.59 percent) and weighing in at 208 pounds, Mark is the winner. Rick is the runner-up, losing 350 pounds (47.14 percent) and coming in at 185 pounds.

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Aside from revealing the contestants for Season 11 throughout the live broadcast, Sweeney also gives hints about the two new trainers joining the show next season. The new female trainer is a former Golden Globe champion and the new male trainer is a martial arts expert who's been named the best trainer in New York. Their identities won't be revealed until the season premiere on Jan. 4, but the guessing starts ... now!

Next, finalists Frado, Ada and Patrick step up for their final weigh in. With 181 pounds lost (45.25 percent), Patrick is the biggest loser! He walks away with the $250,000 prize.

Jillian Michaels leaving The Biggest Loser

Here are the complete weigh-in stats for the three finalists:

Starting weight: 367 pounds
Finale weight: 205 pounds
Total loss: 162 pounds, 44.14 percent

Starting weight: 258 pounds
Finale weight: 159 pounds
Total loss: 99 pounds, 38.37 percent

Starting weight: 400 pounds
Finale weight: 219 pounds
Total loss: 181 pounds, 45.25 percent

Do you think the right person won? What did you think about the contestants' transformations?