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[SPOILER ALERT! The following story reveals the winner of The Biggest Loser]

After four months on campus and weeks spent at home, it came down to four finalists to be the Biggest Loser: Ashley Johnston, Michael Ventrella, Daris George and Koli Palu. While Ashley and Michael had already secured their spot in the live finale, it was up to America to decide if Daris or Koli would join them.

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Daris and Koli walked out as their new fit selves and Alison revealed that the last member of the final three would be 25-year-old Daris.

Before they weighed in, the at-home prize of $100,000, for the highest percentage of weight loss, went to Koli for losing 215 pounds, 53.35 percent.

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After Daris, Ashley and Michael weighed in, the $250,000 grand-prize winner was revealed to be Michael. He began The Biggest Loser at 526 pounds and lost 264 pounds, 50.19 percent, beating Ashley's 48.93 percent and Daris' 48.55 percent.

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