Sam Poueu Sam Poueu

Despite winning various Biggest Loser competitions and immunity challenges, Sam Poueu found it harder to avoid elimination as he went from 372 to 246 pounds. In Week 16, the 23-year-old Samoan only lost 2 pounds and was sent home, but remarked that he was the first contestant in the show's history to reach his goal weight on campus.

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Sam tells that he excelled during challenges because he was always competitive. He had received college football scholarships "but unfortunately, due to events in my life, I threw those years down the toilet. I still had the muscle memory when I came to the ranch — I was a fighter for sure."

The former Northern Californian has moved to Los Angeles and calls his relationship with fellow contestant Stephanie Anderson "solid." His crush formed in the series' early weeks when he viewed her as a role model.

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"I looked at myself as being young, immature — there was so much more I was striving for that I wanted in life. Steph," he says, "has that go-getter attitude and that really attracted me to her, aside from her being beautiful."