O'Neal Hampton, Biggest Loser O'Neal Hampton, Biggest Loser

O'Neal Hampton and his daughter Sunshine were eliminated on Day One of The Biggest Loser — only to receive another shot at competing four weeks later. Despite the weight O'Neal lost on the ranch (124 pounds) and the strong allies he made with his competitors, the 51-year-old willingly went home after he became eligible for elimination along with his daughter.

When speaking to TVGuide.com, O'Neal credited his mother for instilling in him a respect for women, the reason he and Sunshine, 23, have such a tight bond. "I put her on that pedestal ... She should be treated with the utmost respect and if she gets it from me in my household, she should expect the same level of respect outside of my household."

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O'Neal, who entered the ranch weighing 389 pounds and is now 250, doesn't just hope to inspire his daughter, who's still competing for The Biggest Loser grand prize. During his final challenge in Week 15, Hampton connected with one of the local Texans who challenged themselves to complete a 5-kilometer race with the contestants.

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"When she started talking it was almost like the room went dark and it was just a beacon of light shining over her," O'Neal said. "I wanted to let her know she was not entering the battle by herself [and] everything I learned I wanted her to have, especially the encouragement and a 'do not give up' attitude."

The station manager for the U.S. Postal Service also hopes that viewers will feel as though they can start exercising, too. "With my physical ailments I was able to do it ... It is exactly 18 inches from your heart to your brain and when you make those two connections you can do anything in this world you would like to do."