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Lance Morgan was a strong competitor throughout The Biggest Loser, but in the end, it was cupcakes that lead to his demise.

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During the 10th week of competition, the remaining players participated in a biking challenge at home. The first player to reach 26.2 miles on a stationary bike won $10,000. However, each player had the option of adding minutes to another player's time by eating  cupcakes. Lance ate 17.

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"I don't really regret eating so many, I regret not eating for the right person." Lance told

Although the 38-year-old still lost 8 pounds for the week, when his team lost the weigh-in, they sent him packing. As for his overall experience, the father of two said, "I don't have any regrets with anything I did on the ranch really."

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Lance, who entered the ranch weighing 365 pounds, has lost 100 pounds. Although he and his wife Melissa live an hour from the nearest gym, they're able to keep up their fitness with some equipment at home.

"My wife usually gets on the treadmill, I usually do some light weights, and we ride our bicycles quite a bit," he said. "It's harder doing it at home because you have so many distractions, but it can be done. You've got to get your mind set and you've just got to stick with your plan."