The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser

Success at anything will always come down to attitude and effort, and we choose both.  Losing the weigh-in and, in turn, Ruben last week, left the Red Team licking our wounds heading into Week 5 on The Biggest Loser ranch.  When life doesn't go according to plan, it's so easy for me to get in the self-preservation mode.  In that space I am all too familiar with, I take short-cuts and lean toward my comfort zone, take the path of least resistance, feel sorry for myself and quit competing to win the day at hand.  Dolvett knew our team needed something to re-focus us, and the ladies from the Beat Cancer Boot Camp were the perfect inspiration we needed... that I needed.

I was immediately taken back to thoughts of my first wife Andrea fighting for her life, and the toll cancer treatments took on her body.  There were days she literally couldn't get out of bed because of a tough round of chemotherapy.  There have been days I didn't get out of bed because of the grief of losing her.  I never once doubted Andrea's bravery, and in this instant, being introduced to the women of the Beat Cancer Boot Camp, I was reminded of the choice she had to make daily to live her life despite the pain.  Perspective is everything.

To say I was inspired would be a gross understatement.  These beautiful ladies, many still actively undergoing cancer treatments of their own, have left their excuses behind and decide each day to live life to the fullest.  These survivors are here for the Red Team, ready to kick our tail and remind us we have a choice.  With smiles on their faces and an endless stream of encouragement, they worked us out... hard.  These warrior princesses showed me what it is to fight beyond limitations, and reminded me why I must choose to live outside the walls built of my own complaints.

I needed that reminder to truly live for today and enjoy every moment, and I hope this might serve as that reminder for you.  I know life can be incredibly hard to handle, but I urge you to make your choice, to love your life and what you have been given, and do the best you can.

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