Alexandra White Alexandra White

Most contestants enter the Biggest Loser ranch hoping to shed pounds and gain a healthy lifestyle. Alexandra White was eliminated after just one week on campus, but left 13 pounds lighter and with a new crush on fellow competitor Antoine Dove — one that's developed into dating.

Alexandra confirmed she and Antoine have "recently started dating and things are going great." The two are focused on getting healthy for the long-term and have found the dating process to be "wonderful because we are both conscious of the healthy choices we need to make ... He understands what four to six-hour workouts are and he understands that when we go out, we need to know how many calories are in each dish," the 20-year-old college student said.

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Though her time on the ranch was limited, Alexandra, who is now down 70 pounds, is proud of finishing the first challenge of the show: a one-mile race. "I was very out of shape and I wasn't really sure if I could even do it, so when I completed it I was very happy that I accomplished that," she said.