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It was a win-win situation Thursday for both Rob Lowe and ex-nanny Jessica Gibson after a California judge threw out four of Lowe's claims against Gibson as well as one of her allegations, says People.

Superior Court Judge Denise de Bellefeuille ruled Lowe could not pursue his defamation claims against his former nanny because 24-year-old Gibson is protected under laws allowing people to protest alleged workplace conditions. Gibson's lawyer, Gloria Allred explained what a "huge victory" the ruling was and that she and her client "look forward to continuing with our sexual harassment suit against the Lowes." Three other claims were dimissed as well.

On the Lowe front, the judge also tossed out Gibson's claim that the actor retaliated against her. The actor's attorney Larry Stein expressed delight with the dismissal and further went on to state that their "lawsuit against Gibson remains totally intact."

What do you think about the judge's ruling in this courtroom saga? Was it fair? Or better yet, are you already over the case completely? - Gina DiNunno

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