Question: Is the big twist on Everwood that Reid is not actually gay?

Answer: Let's ask the guy at the center of the big gay mystery, Justin Baldoni. "I can tell you that by the seventh episode, there is definitely some drama that ensues in the whole Ephram-Amy-Reid triangle," he says. "As you can imagine, Ephram being Amy's old boyfriend and us living together and her having a big crush on me is obviously going to complicate things. But Reid is a really good guy. He's kind of oblivious to everything. He's so wrapped up in med school that's really his priority that he doesn't really get involved in the whole triangle thing until it kind of hits him in the face." One other thing you can expect in the seventh episode: Another shot of Baldoni's 26-pack, which could very well become a recurring character itself if Everwood producers have their way. "I don't mind [the shirtless scenes]," he says. "It gives me a reason to stay in shape. If it were really [gratuitous], like they were just completely whoring me out, it would be different. And I'm a really active guy anyway. I go mountain biking every day, and I'm in a men's soccer league up here, so I'm all about staying in shape." (Don't believe him? Click here. In related news, I want arms like that.) Off screen, it didn't take the actor long to bond with the rest of the cast in Park City. Case in point: In a life-imitates-art parallel, he and Gregory Smith have become roommates. He's also producing two short films with fast friend Chris Pratt. "It's a dream come true, man," he says. "The people here are some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life."