Big Time Rush Big Time Rush

For the guys of Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush, headlining the Kids' Choice Awards was a great ending to an incredible week.

"Our album went gold, 'Boyfriend' is a top 40 hit officially, so we're having one of the best weeks of our lives," James Maslow told on the orange carpet.

Kids' Choice Awards: Snoop Dogg makes surprise appearance and gets slimed

While talking about the song they were performing later in the night, the group shared what they think is the foremost quality in a good boyfriend or girlfriend. Maslow said "communication," bandmembers Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt said spontaneity and chivalry, but for Carlos Pena he thought long and hard before stating, "Kim Kardashian."

Watch the interview for more, including who the band's favorite guest star of all time is. Hint: He or she has never been slimed.