Lost Lost

Don't get me wrong, tonight's Lost was 31 flavors of awesome. Loved the introduction of the Four Rescueteers. Ditto the actors portraying them. And any episode that lets Juliet save the day is a keeper in my book. Unfortunately, in this instance, the negatives (two, to be exact) outweighed the positives - if for no other reason than they were so unnecessary. And those negatives were

1) Did everyone suddenly forget that Charlie just croaked? I mean, Claire just learned of his death at the end of the previous episode, and there was nothing in her expression or demeanor to indicate that she had any lingering sorrow. Sure, she briefly broke down in the previous episode, but that's it? One good cry? That's all Charlie gets? At one point tonight I actually caught Claire smiling and giggling while cradling little Aaron! Either she never really give a crap about Charlie or she's in some serious Britney Spears-type denial. Either way, it left a really bad taste in my mouth. But not nearly as bad as this next one.

2) Early in the episode, Faraday drops a bombshell, telling Jack and Kate, "Rescuing you and your people? Can't really say it's our primary objective." Jack quickly follows that with a, "What is?", but before Faraday can answer, the moment is interrupted by Miles' call and Jack drops the entire line of questioning. Fine. I get that there are other things going on. But I don't get that it took Jack (and Kate) almost the entire episode to finally press him for an answer to the $1 million question. I mean, they had a freakin' gun to his head, but they never thought to ask, "Hey, by the way, what is your primary reason for being here?" Kind of an important question, you know? I get that the producers wanted to save that doozy of a reveal until the episode's closing minutes, but surely there had to have been a way to do it that didn't compromise the intelligence of two of the show's smartest characters.

Feel free to use the comments section below to agree or disagree with me. I have a hunch you'll do the latter, which is fine. I won't take it personally.