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The Cast of Big Mouth Tells Us What They Wished They'd Learned in Sex-Ed

"Boys think it's all in the front," said Nick Kroll.

Krutika Mallikarjuna

TV Guide caught up the cast of Netflix's Big Mouth, a daring, delightful, and frankly disgusting animated comedy about making it through puberty, to grill them about all the ways se- ed class failed them as they were working through the most difficult time in their lives. And boy did Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate and Jessi Klein have some doozies from their awkward teenage years for us!

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"I don't remember anybody saying anything about tampons," said Slate. "I use to think the tampon laid across the vagina like a hot dog in bun." The comedian went on to note that like any smart middle schooler, she thought that was a scam and vowed to never use them (until of course she realized how they really worked).

"There was never any discussion of pleasure," Klein went on to add. So! True! Sex-ed, for most of us, was nothing more than a heavily diagramed morality tale on all the ways you could get STDs.

"The one thing I didn't realize until I looked at my first porn magazine or video - I saw my first vagina and I was like, 'Uh it's underneath'," said Kroll, a co-creator on the show based on his own middle school years. "Boys think it's all in the front." There's literally not enough laughing till you're crying emojis in the world for this response. Thank god all this and more is easily Google-able in the year of our lord 2018.

If you still need to correct your uncomfortable middle school miseducation, you can catch Season 2 of Big Mouth on Netflix now! And while you're watching, remember how lucky we are that hormone monsters (aka the show's personification of puberty) aren't real. How much more embarrassing would life have been if they were?

Season 2 of Big Mouth is now streaming on Netflix.