Big Love
Ever wonder if we're ever going to get a chance to see Nicki's good side? Keep wondering, then, since we're sure not seeing it this week. Nothing like a shopaholic wife who runs up your bills, ignores collection-agency calls, mistreats your other wives (well, none of us can relate to that one, but you know what I mean)

and goes to her evil dad for help, thus exposing you to even more downside. Her one mitigating move for the night is helping Ben with his embarrassing-sheets problem, but I'm betting she'll use that knowledge to some bad end, too.

In other areas, isn't Teeny just about the cutest kid you've ever seen on TV? I know that's why they cast her, of course, but still... who couldn't love her jumping around the backyard in her moon costume, banging pots and pans with Barb and Margene? Probably about as many as those who couldn't hate Nicki after seeing her ignore Suze Orman's advice about owning up to Bill on the debt, and then watching her add her charges up and realizing she owes nearly $60,000. Yowtch. ("People first, then money, then things," says Orman, who obviously has no idea whom she's talking to.) And speaking of yowtch, memo to Sarah: Lay off the cough syrup. Memo to Bill: Watch out for wolves that look like Harry Dean Stanton. And memo to the rest of you: See you next week.