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There are 'No Plans' For Big Little Lies Season 3, but That's What They Said About Season 2

Yeah, yeah, fool me once...

Lindsay MacDonald

The formerly limited series known Big Little Lies will return to HBO in June for Season 2, and while it is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated TV events of the year, it does make you wonder whether we'll be getting a surprise announcement about Season 3 should this next installment perform as well as the first. However, the cast and creator shared doubts about returning to Monterey once more.

Executive producer David E. Kelley told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that there is "no such plan now" for a third season. "We like where our closure is at the end of Season 2, so that will probably be it," he added. Nicole Kidman reiterated that there's nothing in the works for Season 3 at the moment.

So look, there's probably not a great likelihood that all of these amazing women will come together for another season. However, Reese Witherspoon did note that Kelley said the same exact thing about the way they left things in Season 1 before they ultimately changed their minds and rallied for a second season. We should probably operate under the fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me policy here.

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Kelley and the stars did share some insight into how they came to the collective decision to return to Big Little Lies for a second season.

"We all said goodbye at the end... but we became very close and we had such a good time doing it, and the desire to spend more time together was a huge part of it," Kidman said, "but also there was an enormous demand from the audience. I think that was -- I mean, I've never been in something that reached so far globally... It was very much generated by the actual audiences and the desire to see these people still in existence."

"Going back to the last season we really didn't close the chapter. It ended on a very open note of what's going to happen next," said Kelley. "Will the lie have a life? Will it have a malignancy? What will it do to the equation of the friendships, these relationships, the marriage? So there was a lot of fertile storytelling ground to the mined. The question for us, and I think the deep breath that we all took is, is the storytelling going to be compelling enough that it will rise up to the first year? ... We met, we talked about what the stories were. We were very unflinching and candid with each other about the ones we thought were viable and the ones we thought [were] not good enough. And we didn't finally agree to set sail until we had the commitment on bank from all of us that this was storytelling that we all felt passionate about."

The second season will return to the notorious "Monterey Five" -- Madeline (Witherspoon), Celeste (Kidman), Jane (Shailene Woodley), Renata (Laura Dern) and Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) -- who are all desperately trying to keep up the lie of Perry's (Alexander Skarsgard) "accidental" death, instead of the truth that Bonnie killed Celeste's abusive husband at the school charity auction. Meryl Streep will join the cast this year as Perry's mother, Mary Louise, who is searching for answers about her son's passing.

Big Little Lies Season 2 premieres in June on HBO.

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