There has been a lot of speculation — and debate — in the Big Little Lies fandom about the possibility of a second season. But if anyone has the best argument for why the HBO drama shouldn't return, it's star Alexander Skarsgard.

When appearing on Variety's podcast Remote Controlled, the actor, who played Celeste's (Nicole Kidman) abusive husband Perry, shared his suggested plot for Season 2.

"Perry's got a twin sister called Terry and she shows up and she's pissed off that they all killed her brother," Skarsgard said. "So, it's basically a badass revenge story about this six foot four woman named Terry who's there to avenge the death of her brother."

Skarsgard was clearly joking here, but we currently live in a world where up is down and nothing is impossible anymore. So why don't we not risk Skarsgard's joke becoming reality and just let Big Little Lies just lie.