Gabriel Basso, The Big C Gabriel Basso, The Big C

For The Big C's Adam, Season 2 is about dealing with his mom's cancer — and acting out.

"He's branching out looking for compassion from other people," Gabriel Basso tells "He's not looking to his family for it."

The Big C Season 2: Cathy's cancer is out of the bag — now what?

When the season wrapped up, Adam finally learned that his mom, played by Laura Linney, was fighting cancer. When the Showtime series returns on Monday (10:30/9:30c), Adam will begin to deal with possibility of death from a therapist his parents force on him.

"In the first episode back, we have Adam going to a therapist and play that out somewhat realistically in terms of what we found from our research," executive producer Darlene Hunt says. "He goes on a really neat journey, partly acting out of his own anger and frustration."

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Part of that journey includes a relationship with an older woman played by guest star Parker Posey.

Watch our full interview with Basso below. Plus: The 16-year-old actor also gives viewers a tip for watching his current film, Super 8.

Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope