Big Brother's Adam by Bill Inoshita/CBS Big Brother's Adam by Bill Inoshita/CBS
Big Brother contestant Adam Jasinski's getting the boot following his remark that autistic children are "retards" in a recent ep. During the segment, Jasinski claimed he could call the children whatever he wanted, because he worked with them. Now, however, the organization he worked for - the United Autism Foundation - has written him off their staff roster following the outcry that stemmed from his epithet. At least one advertiser pulled out of airtime during the series, and various autism organizations have asked CBS to go so far as to cancel the show. According to the New York Post, the Foundation announced Jasinski's firing on its website Tuesday, saying, "Mr. Jasinski will no longer work for or represent the United Autism Foundation since he caused tremendous damage to UNIAF." In addition, the group has an official apology for the star's comments on its homepage. Jasinski, in the meantime, is ostensibly unaware of his job status with the group, since, per

Big Brother's rules, he's sequestered in the house - which, for his sake, might be a good thing. - Anna Dimond