Bryan Ollie, <EM>Big Brother 10</EM> Bryan Ollie, Big Brother 10

After watching his lady friend April walk out the Big Brother door last week, Bryan Ollie (who was called by his last name all season to avoid confusion with another houseguest) fought hard to hang on to win a grueling head of household competition. But when Dan made him an offer too good to be true, he gave up the power and placed his fate in Dan's hands. Unfortunately for Ollie, it was too be good to be true, as Dan broke his word by nominating Michelle, despite Ollie's pleas to keep her safe. Even worse, Ollie's plans for revenge were quickly thwarted when a surprise double eviction saw him walking out the door. We talked to Ollie about Dan's betrayal, his relationship with April and who he thinks will take the grand prize. Have you recovered from the shock of the double eviction?
Bryan Ollie: It was a little bit of a shock, but you can't be surprised by anything that happens in Big Brother. It's expect the unexpected, and that's really what you come to expect. Did you really believe Dan was going to honor all the parts of his deal?
Ollie: I was never confident, and I knew that there was a chance that Dan could take his word back and betray me. But at that time, my back was against the wall, and I was scratching and clawing for anything I could to turn the game around. If I had completed that deal, it would have really changed things. Either way, it still guaranteed me a chance to compete the following week in the HOH competition, so if I had to make that decision all over again, I'd make it again. Whether I trusted him or not, I had to make the deal. So, how do you feel about Dan now?
Ollie: Dan had to do what he had to do. It obviously worked for him, so I respect that part of his game. What I don't respect is how he brought his family and religion into it. If you're going to give your word, give your word, but don't get anyone on the outside involved with it. When he put his girlfriend and his mother and religion out there, I think it was a little uncalled for. What about how he revealed that he was backdooring Michelle? That seemed to set you off.
Ollie: I'm human and people get upset. I hardly ever act like that, but it was just how I lashed out form being disrespected. If he had lied to me, I think I could have taken it. What I don't like is how he mocked the entire situation. He played a game out of [the veto ceremony]. When you betray someone, there should be some remorse. But I didn't see any out of him — he made a game out of it and basically mocked everyone in the house. I think that's what’s going to come back and bite him. It was definitely one of the craziest veto moments this season, and that's saying something!
Ollie: Right, and that's what I don't like. He could have easily just put Michelle and I up at the beginning, but instead he mocked and disrespected everyone. It worked in his favor for now, but I don't think anyone in the house thought too highly of what he did. Were you confused when he targeted Michelle instead of you after breaking his word?
Ollie: I was a little puzzled by why he would want to get Michelle involved in our deal. Dan's behavior all season has been strange — he's just a weird dude. It really doesn't surprise me with anything that he does. But don't his actions remind you of what you did to Brian in Week 1 when you were in an alliance with Dan?
Ollie: It's no different, which is why I can't get too upset. I flipped the house in Week 1, and this is basically the same thing. But I actually felt bad about it when I did what I did. I didn't gloat or mock anyone, but Dan showed no remorse. Well it's not all bad news, I guess. You do get to see April again soon.
Ollie: I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's been almost two weeks since I've seen her, and I miss her a lot. When you're used to seeing her 24/7, it's a little tough when you don't get to. So, I'm definitely looking forward to being back with her. Is your relationship with April the real deal?
Ollie: It's definitely more than a showmance. I feel lucky — I didn't expect to come into this situation and find someone like April. But we definitely get along well. She's a very intelligent girl, and she's beautiful, man. She has everything that I was looking for in a partner, so I was very fortunate to be here and meet her. Did you forget that cameras were on you all the time?
Ollie: Definitely. I would say 80 percent of the time you don't even think about it. But I don't think that affected the way we interacted or how we feel about each other. But I guarantee that without cameras, things will escalate, and we'll be able to talk about more intimate things and get to learn more about each other. I think that's what we're most excited about. How did being with April affect your game? Did you have to play differently once she was gone?
Ollie: April was a strong player, and she played the game well. That's one of the main reasons people in the house wanted her gone. As far as how that affected me, I didn't compete in competitions as well as I wanted to, which basically left me in a position where I had to win competitions after she left.  So she was definitely a benefit to me because it could have gotten uglier much faster than it did. So who do you think will pull it out?
Ollie: You can't predict this game. Some people always think there is a favorite, but anything can happen. Just like with me sitting here — I didn't have an idea that there would be a double eviction and next thing you know, I am walking out the door. It's really anybody's game.

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