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Big Brother's Kristen Bitting, the 24-year-old boutique manager from Philadelphia, saw her short-lived showmance with Hayden come to an end on Thursday and she was the fourth houseguest evicted this season. TV Guide Magazine caught up with Kristen as she described life in the house with Rachel, having to wear the hippy-tard and choosing between the two men in her life.

TV Guide Magazine: It's one thing to be voted off Big Brother, but how much more did it hurt having to leave wearing that hippy-tard?
Kristen: Oh I didn't mind the hippy-tard that much, it was much harder just walking out the door, I would have worn that hippy-tard the whole time I was there if I had to.

TV Guide Magazine: Was it comfortable?
Kristen: No! [Laughs]. The wig itched like crazy and the bodysuit just got really old, but you know what, I would have worn it as long as I had to.

TV Guide Magazine: In the first few weeks, viewers at home barely saw you because you had a very under the radar strategy. Was that your intent going into the house?
Kristen: Yes, my intent going into the house was to be under the radar. I feel like I have a very strong presence and strong personality and I knew that if that came off in the very beginning that I would be seen as a threat. So I did intend on going under the radar in the very beginning and not breaking out of my shell until I really had to. The turning point for me was unfortunately a bad moment when Andrew decided to take it upon himself and release information into the house that was both true and untrue, and I knew that I had to be in defense mode. Some of my true colors really began to show in that moment.

TV Guide Magazine: You had your eye on Hayden from the very first night in the house. How long did it take you guys to establish a relationship, and why did you want to keep it so secretive?
Kristen: It took us a little less than two weeks to start to stir something up. I think we both had our eye on each other from the very beginning and it was inevitable that something was going to happen. I also felt that even though in the Big Brother house you can't really trust anybody completely, I felt like I could trust him more than anybody else. Even if there were things that we didn't know about each other and moves that we were going to make, I think we were looking out for each other's best interest.

TV Guide Magazine: Last night we saw your boyfriend back in Philly, who wasn't too pleased with what he was watching. Do you know what's next in your life with that relationship or your relationship with Hayden?
Kristen: I'm going to just take time to myself and then I think that the best thing for me to do is to really think things over and what's going to best for me. I don't
want to jump back into either thing too fast because I have strong feelings for both of them, and being in the Big Brother house you lose sight of reality, so perhaps working on what I had before this would be better. But at the same time, I felt like me and Hayden were brought together for a reason and he is somebody that I could see in my future. So I'm really, really torn and I never would have expected something like this to happen to me, but I definitely need time to think everything over and what's going to be best for me and both of them.

TV Guide Magazine: Rachel had some nasty things to say to you during last night's goodbye messages. What's your reaction to that?
Kristen: I was not surprised that Rachel said some nasty things about me. In fact, I'm sure the entire time that I had been in the house, even when we were friends, that there was a good chance that she had nasty things to say about me. I just felt like Rachel was a really, really insecure person and despite the fact that she sent me home, I feel like even when I walked out that door, she still wasn't satisfied with kicking me out, it seemed like she almost wanted to do more than she could. There was never enough that Rachel could do to upset or hurt me. And even though it stinks that she was the one who sent me home, I feel like I held my head up high and that pissed her off. I think if Rachel wasn't in the house, I would have lasted a whole lot longer, even if there was an alliance that I wasn't fully aware of. I think that Hayden was looking out for my best interest and I think that I made a really strong connection with Kathy and Ragan, and they would have been looking out for me, too. I think Rachel is really the one who completely ruined my game, even though there are things that some viewers might look as mistakes that I made, I don't think that I did. I think that it was somebody who was gunning after me and if she wasn't in the house, I think I would have had a much better shot at this game.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you have a feeling that there was an all-guys alliance during that last week in the house?
Kristen: I did have a feeling that something was going on. I kind of recapped the previous week and noticed that because me and Hayden were trying to keep things undercover that there was a lot of time during the day that we didn't spend together. A lot of time that I was spending with either Kathy or Ragan or even at one point there was a time that me and Rachel were spending more time together. And the house just seemed too calm, it seemed like there was something that I didn't know about and I couldn't put my finger on it. And when I sat back and thought Annie was out week one and Monet's out, I just felt like I was becoming a bigger and bigger target and the sequence of things wasn't really making sense. It seemed like there were overlapping alliances so I knew that there was a very good chance that Hayden was a part of an alliance. I kind of always had a feeling that he had something going on with Lane at the very beginning. So I knew that there was a really good chance that he had some sort of connection with at least him, but I didn't realize that it was a four-person alliance until right before I left.

TV Guide Magazine: So now who do you think is in the best position to win it all?
Kristen: I think that Lane and Hayden are both in the best position to win because they have a four-person alliance. I think that they are both physically and mentally stronger than their other two counterparts Matt and Enzo. Plus, the remaining people in the house, Brendon and Rachel don't seem to be after Lane and Hayden as much as Matt, so they have that in their corner. Plus Kathy, Ragan and Britney, I think they feel a closer connection with Lane and Hayden then the other two guys. I think that Lane and Hayden have themselves in a really good spot right now, and I can't say that it's going to stay that way, but right now they're in the best position with everybody in the house.

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