Keesha Smith, <EM>Big Brother 10</EM> Keesha Smith, Big Brother 10

As this season of Big Brother winds toward its conclusion, each eviction becomes a little harder to swallow — especially when it's a former alliance member giving you the boot. For Keesha Smith, it was a fellow houseguest who had promised to sit beside her at the end of the game that cast the sole vote to evict her. Here, she sounds off on being betrayed, living and fighting with a 75-year-old man and what's she's most looking forward to in the jury house. I have to say I was a little shocked by your eviction. When did you know something was up?
Keesha Smith:
I knew that everything wasn't quite like it should be the night before the eviction. I kind of figured it out, because people and things were odd. It just kind of came to me while I was by myself and thinking. Jerry was being exceptionally calm, which is not like him, so I figured he was told he was safe. So, it just kind of hit me, and it was the weirdest thing. And then you confirmed it?
Keesha: When I asked Memphis, his face turned blood red and he couldn't even look at me. He was very awkward, and let's just say, he's not good at lying. So I knew instantly. You've worried a lot about your safety this season, even when it wasn't in question. Was it fear of betrayals like this that always had you uncertain?
Keesha: I never trusted anyone in that house 100 percent. I always went in with the motto that that would be foolish. I never wanted to put my trust in someone because I know how this game works. Do you think this was a plan that started with Renny's eviction?
Keesha: No, I think it came down last minute. When Dan got back from his trip, Memphis started acting a little funny. What it boils down to is Memphis was afraid I would take Dan and that Dan would take me in the end. It started worrying him when he saw that Dan and I were extremely close, and I sort of sensed a couple nights before that he was noticing it. He was just afraid that I wouldn't take him in the end. How close were you and Dan? Your pre-eviction speech made it sound like you really leaned on him the last couple of days.
Keesha: Dan helped me through this a lot. He told me that Memphis mentioned possibly evicting me, and that he was trying to convince him otherwise. But while I was trying to figure out how to handle it, Dan was the best. You're so alone in that house sometimes, and he stood beside me the whole time. Jerry wouldn’t speak to me, Memphis avoided any room that I was in, so Dan told me to sleep upstairs with him. It was so funny — he put the pillows between us in the bed, and it was cute. He just didn’t want me to be alone and was really worried about me. To me, that showed a lot of compassion. Tell us more about Jerry. Why were things so strained between you two sometimes?
Keesha: I'm going to try to put this as nicely as possible. Jerry and I don't see eye to eye so much. He's 75 years old, so I always try to put that in perspective and treat him with respect. We got along at the beginning of the game, but he doesn’t talk to women very well. [Laughs] I guess that's the best way to put it. I can tell that he's a guy's guy. Despite all that, do you think he could win if he makes it to the final two?
Keesha: I actually think that Jerry has a better shot than anyone to win this game right now. People don't have hard feelings toward him as much because he's always tried to smooth things over with everyone before they left the house. I don't know why, but I just think that if Jerry is given the chance, he just might be given the money. Speaking of hard feelings, do you take Memphis evicting you personally, or do you respect it as a gameplay?
Keesha: I'm sitting here now because someone I considered a very good friend of mine evicted me. It's hard not to look at it personally, because I could be in that house right now if it weren't for him. I carried him through in this game, so he's never had to do anything or step up and be the bad guy. It was always me sticking my neck out for him. So, for him to do that to me, it hurts. But, I do understand that he was too afraid to take me and that it was risky. So did it cost him your vote if he makes the Final 2?
Keesha: I have a lot of things to consider. How shocked were you to learn that Dan took Michelle on his trip?
Keesha: [Laughs] I was very shocked, but that was a smart play. Why do you think he fessed up before you left the house?
I think Dan definitely wants me to work for him. There's no doubt about that. And will you?
Keesha: Hmm… I don't know. [Laughs] Is that perhaps because you don’t think Dan was blameless in your eviction?
Let's put it this way: I don't think Dan was completely blindsided. Are you looking forward to the jury house?
I can't wait to see Renny. I'm excited about it. I really missed that lady.

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