Jessie Godderz, <EM>Big Brother 10</EM> Jessie Godderz, Big Brother 10

Last week on Big Brother 10, 22-year-old professional bodybuilder and personal trainer Jessie Godderz was evicted after viewers instructed America's Player, Dan, to vote him out. Now Jessie strikes back, insisting that his game play was "perfect," that one of his house mates was off her meds and that in no way is he arrogant. So, Jessie, how are you doing?
Jessie Godderz: A little sleep deprived... because as much as people want to point the finger at me, it was taken out of my hands when America told Dan what to do. Initially I felt a little confident in Dan by him saying that $500,000 wasn't worth him going back on his word, and he got paid not even a fraction of that to put me out of the house. Granted, teachers don't get paid that much, but if that's what he wants to stand by, it's just a little hypocritical, obviously. To each his own. My game play was perfect — I was going to skate by this week [since Michelle is HoH]; I finally wouldn't have been the underdog, I finally would have felt safe. And this is why you're sleep deprived, because you've been thinking about all these things?
Jessie: Any question you can ask me, I've thought about. I've been asked about being arrogant, supposedly, about me saying that my name and "arrogant" shouldn't be in the same sentence. Arrogance is a very vague term. [Some people] would say I'm arrogant because I work out; a different person would say, "Jessie is dedicated to working out and dedicated to his physique." I do it for fun, a hobby and a job. To back up for just a second — you told Julie that you weren't surprised, but did you really see your eviction coming?
Jessie: Apparently they didn't show that after I got done talking with Dan [when Dan supposedly "broke down" and hugged Jessie], I went and played pool with Michelle, and we came to the conclusion that he was [America's Player]. I almost said it in my speech prior to them voting, but you're so cloudy with everything, it's hard to think clearly.... Now that I am more so, it kind of stinks that I didn't call him out on it. How did you figure it out?
Jessie: Because who looks at themselves when they're talking about their girl and how hard a time they're having? When he was trying to cry, he was looking in the mirror to see if his hair looked good. After that, granted there was a hug, but I tried pulling away and he, like, grappled on. He must have been counting, "one-one-thousand...." He squeezed me, and I was like, "O...K." Even if you weren't surprised, April, Ollie and Michelle seemed truly shocked that you were sent home.
Jessie: I said it on one week one, week three, week four: If you don't think everything out, you can always lose the game. I knew that. It was apparent in the way he [Dan] was acting... he must have given subtle hints to Keesha, Libra and Renny to vote the way they wanted, that it would happen. He's now got one of the biggest targets on him. It didn't benefit him that much, unless [the money] was really that much to him. It seemed like your alliance was so strong at first, but it fell apart pretty quickly. What happened?
Jessie: It wasn't because of any of my actions; I couldn't have played the game any better. It was pretty much because of who Angie started affiliating herself with [Brian and Steven] instead of straying away from those people. Keesha felt it was a personal attack; I got put up in Week 3 because I was trying to get the attention off of her. I have to ask you about your fight with Renny. Did you guys ever make up [after Renny woke up Jessie in the early days of the game]?
Jessie: Renny should have known that it should have been squashed from the first day. The best analogy is if Renny came up to your car and smashed your front windshield and you saw her do it, and then she starts walking away, and you say, "What are you doing?" And she goes, "What? What do you mean?" And you go, "You just smashed my window." Or, in my [case], "You just woke me up." She would say, "Well, I'm sorry." So the problem was her tone?
Jessie: No — there was no thinking process behind it. She thought she was going to get out of it because she said that. If she would have come to me the next morning and said, "I thought about it, I really am sorry"... there was no sincerity to her apology. By me not putting her up the very next week, when I could have, you would think that would have done it.... She's in the game because I did what I did. She stayed in the game because of me. Needless to say, you guys did not bury the hatchet.
Jessie: On my behalf, it was very clear that I did so. She wasn't on the medication she was supposed to be on Week 1, which is why she acted the way she did. I understand that. Renny was off her meds?! Which medication was she supposed to be on?
Jessie: I don't know. That'll come from her, from the people she's aligned with right now. That's why they called her the crazy person. Do you think the perception that you're arrogant led to your downfall?
Jessie: No; I wouldn't be in this position if not for the fans, family members and friends of other house guests wanting to persuade Dan's vote and put me out of the house. Dan swore on the Bible and on his cross that I would stay in the house. I didn't get voted out of the house because I stuck up for myself; I got voted out of the house because of something I couldn't control. That is a tough pill to swallow.

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