Nick Starcevic, <EM>Big Brother</EM> Nick Starcevic, Big Brother

A "showmance" is never a good thing for a player on Big Brother, as Nick Starcevic, 25, of Kimball, Minnesota, learned last night. This former pro football player became the fourth evictee when his housemates — already concerned about his close relationship with Daniele — suspected him of casting last week's unnerving "mystery vote" against Kail. talked with Nick about why his strategy to charm his way to a half-mil changed and how his alliances with the women in the house ultimately brought him down. The second mystery vote to evict Kail [Harbick] really messed up your game and got you evicted. How does it feel knowing now that it was Eric [Stein] who cast that vote?
Nick Starcevic: It's funny, because I really liked the twist and I think Eric was the perfect person to pull it off. I've always had an inkling that something was different about Eric and now I know. Did his behavior in the house not add up?
Nick: In the house, Eric isn't the same as the person I saw on TV last night. He's a lot more laid-back and chilled out, and in his message to me, it looked like he was a lot more outgoing. You were pulled into the "Mrs. Robinson" alliance pretty early in the game. Would you have chosen to ally with other people if you hadn't been approached?
Yeah, I think that's what hindered me. I'm too approachable. A lot of people came up to me and wanted to get my allegiance and I kind of got roped into it with that first alliance. I would have gone a different way if I had it to do over again. The women in the house took to you pretty quickly but in the end they turned on you. Do you feel betrayed? 
No, I don't feel betrayed because I came in knowing that in the context of the game, things were going to happen. I had personal conversations with Amber and Daniele and I said [to them] that if the votes were against me, [they should] go with the house consensus, because [otherwise] that would compromise their situation if they decided to go astray and vote for me to stay. Before last night's vote, you made a really touching speech to Daniele [Donato]. Can you confirm that what happened inside the house between you two was not a game?
Definitely not a game. I came in with the intention that I was going to be the flirt in the house, but as soon as I met Daniele, things changed for me. I saw a different way that I wanted to play the game. Yeah, the feelings I had for Daniele are real and were real. What do you think is going to happen outside the house with her?
I have no clue. I'm not expecting anything for Daniele and myself beyond friendship, but if something does happen, I'm very open to it. Do you think you lost sight of the big picture as your relationship with Daniele grew?
The big picture for me wasn't winning the half-million dollars, as naïve as that might sound. I wanted to make sure that I had people I trusted — and who needed the money — win. I'm not one of [them], but there are certain people in the game who really do and I think they would do great things with the money if they got it. There was no love lost between you and Jen [Johnson], but she's very popular outside the house. Are you seeing something about her that the audience is not seeing?
Nick: I have no clue what the audience is seeing, but I know what I saw and it wasn't a person I really liked too much. Kail has been nominated for eviction repeatedly, but she hasn't been voted out yet. Is Kail going to win this game?
Nick: No. If she does win the game, it will be amazing, but I think the [housemates are] going to continue to put her up on the block and keep taking the life out of her and stressing her to the max. Who are you hoping will win?
I hope that ultimately it will be Daniele, Amber or Jameka.

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