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Last Thursday on Big Brother the houseguests decided to evict Michael Donnellan. During his brief stay, the 28-year-old artist from Orange County, Calif., nearly got into a fistfight with then-Head of Household Eric, was accused of "sexually harassing" the women and then developed a relationship with the nearly outcast Janelle. TVGuide.com gave him a ring to find out the real deal.

TVGuide.com: You seem so calm and mellow, even though you got kicked off.
Michael Donnellan: Would you like me to do the Riverdance for you?

TVGuide.com: No, it's just that most people are a little upset.
Michael: Eh, what are you gonna do?

TVGuide.com: Were you surprised that everyone  except presumably your secret partner, Kaysar  voted against you?
Michael: I think if you were in the house you'd see a little bit more in depth what is going on with these different people.

TVGuide.com: Can you explain why the whole house turned against you?
Michael: I think basically a little idea sparked in one person's head  [either] Jennifer and/or April  to propagate a nonsensical lie about me in order to get them out of trouble.

TVGuide.com: Who's idea was it to do BB, yours or Kaysar's?
Michael: It was me who brought Kaysar in. He's intelligent, honest and, I don't know if you noticed, he is one of the few people on the show who is truly strategizing.

TVGuide.com: Are you bummed that he's still there and you're not?
Michael: Not at all. I'm happy for him, and I hope he does his very best. I know it seems like all the odds are against him, but when push comes to shove, if he plays his cards right with a couple other players in the house, he has a good chance.

TVGuide.com: We have to talk about Eric. Why did he decide to break your alliance?
Michael: Because he's a scared little guy.

TVGuide.com: Was there a moment between you two that viewers didn't see, a conversation maybe?
Michael: Essentially you look at Eric and you can see, without too much insight, that deep down he is a scared little boy, and he probably always has been. He has tried throughout his life to assume this role of a "heroic leader," and I don't think he is. Also, it showed that he really isn't honest when he went against his word with me right from the beginning. He's lucky that I did get evicted. There would have been a pretty high chance that I'd get Head of Household soon enough, and then I definitely would have gotten rid of him.

TVGuide.com: After the fight you seemed to lay low. Why?
Michael: You see people like Sarah, who unfortunately were born without personalities, and she's doing everything she can to cling on. "Oh, Cappy [Eric's nickname] this... Oh, Cappy, that..." I just want to throw up in my mouth. I wasn't going to put on some false pretense of being nice to everybody when I knew what they were talking about behind my back. Did you hear the [rumor] that I was punching walls in the bathroom?

TVGuide.com: No, but I did hear that you went around saying not nice things about Eric's family.
Michael: Interesting. I think you would have seen that on camera, don't you?

TVGuide.com: Another rumor is that you were biting people.
Michael: I'm a big goofball in certain situations, and most people know that and take it for what it is. I wasn't biting people, like you say. I would sneak up on people when they were washing dishes or something and do a snarling noise in their neck. Suddenly, because of that I'm a sexual molester.

TVGuide.com: Well, you just got a chance to set the record straight.
Michael: And there are some people in the house who have small penises.

TVGuide.com: Do you want to go through a list?
Michael: You can tell Sarah that she really should... never mind...

TVGuide.com: I'm sure your mom would be proud that you restrained yourself there.
Michael: [Chuckles] Well, I'm just wondering why a girl who works in a lingerie store never wears a bra.

TVGuide.com: When did you first notice sparks between you and Janelle?
Michael: Are you recording this? She was totally [drunk], right? [Pauses, then laughs] No, I'm kidding. She had a couple of drinks and we were playing chess and she was giving me these looks, and I was giving them back. I'm not one of those guys who will kiss butt just to get on somebody's good side so they can hang on. I mean, I have a certain amount of dignity. So I do like her.

TVGuide.com: She had a boyfriend before BB. Is there a girl out there who's brokenhearted now?
Michael: There's a girl that I was seeing but not for very long, and we were definitely not boyfriend and girlfriend. She's a wonderful girl, I hope that I in no way hurt her feelings.

TVGuide.com: Do you think you'll see Janelle after the show's over?
Michael: I'm sure I'll talk to her.

TVGuide.com: So what's next?
Michael: I'm going to marry Jessica Alba.

TVGuide.com: Janelle may have something to say about that!