Carol Journey, <EM>Big Brother 8</EM> Carol Journey, Big Brother 8

On the first eviction episode of CBS' Big Brother 8, 21-year-old University of Kansas senior Carol Journey was sent packing by a whopping 10-to-1 vote. The following morning, the business marketing major (whose father is a Republican in the Kansas state senate) gave the inside scoop on which houseguest was two-faced, who revealed more than their personality, and what she really thinks of her "nemesis." You seemed to know that you'd be evicted.
Carol Journey: I made it very clear that I wanted to go home, that it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. I'm excited to go home. I'm... pretty thrilled, actually. When you heard that some houseguests would be living with people from their past, were you shocked to see Jessica walking down those stairs?
Carol: I thought it had to be a joke. I honestly thought that our fight from eighth grade, when we were 13 years old, was just so petty and minuscule that it was nothing like the conflicts between the other houseguests. I was very surprised to see her. Jessica said that it all started over a $5 loan.
Carol: She is so full of it, I can't even handle it. I don't remember what the conflict was about, but I doubt that $5 would ruin a three-year friendship and cause me not to talk to a person for seven years. I did not hold on to this at all, but she's obviously still holding a grudge. She's got quite a grating voice.
Carol: I'm glad somebody else noticed that besides me. She's always sounded like the ditz. But on to the other houseguests: What's up with Jen and those "Jenius" T-shirts?
Carol: You can't take her seriously. It's more of a joke. I found it very humorous. I'm not gonna lie — the first few days I found her hard to swallow, but as I got to know her, she was a great girl. [Jen's was the one vote cast for Amber, to keep Carol in the house.] I'm glad she won HoH; I hope she kicks ass. Who do you want her to put up?
Carol: Jessica and Daniele. [Update: At the nomination ceremony on Sunday, Jen put Daniele and her father, Dick, on the block.] Daniele was two-faced throughout the whole process, very much like Jessica; I think that's why the two of them got along so well. Daniele is not a very nice person, to be quite honest. You'll see it. It'll come out, I promise. So is Nick going to hook up with someone?
Carol: Nick is the Casanova. I could see him and Daniele hooking up within a few weeks. But I don't think any of the other girls are dumb enough to fall for it. But Daniele has a boyfriend back home.
Carol: I still think they're gonna hook up. I mean, Daniele "talks" about having a boyfriend, but for someone with a boyfriend [she and Nick] got really close and personal. I feel bad for her boyfriend. Did Amber cry all the time in front of you guys, or just in the confessionals?
Carol: Amber was quite the crier. She was scared and didn't want to go home; she didn't want to disappoint her family. I think it was genuine, all the crying, but it got a little excessive. Any thoughts on Evil Dick?
Carol: Evil Dick was a good person to have debates and discussions with, but the vulgar and crude vocabulary was a little unnerving. He said things that I found... disturbing. And he revealed himself several times. But when he wasn't being disgusting and perverted, he was fun to talk to. Did you have any inkling that Eric was "America's Player"?
Carol: What's America's Player? America's voting online for him to accomplish different ­tasks. This is news to you?
Carol: Very much so. I don't know anything about it. What's your impression of him?
Carol: I thought Eric was a pretty good guy, all in all. He was very entertaining. I think all of them are good people, but I'm afraid I'm going to see their true colors when I actually get to watch the show. What did you take away from your brief time in the house?
Carol: I definitely had an eye-opening experience with the whole gay community. I'd never really learned anything about it before, but I learned a lot from Joe and Dustin. I took something out of my conversations with them — and they're two of the very few people I can say that about. Who do you think will win?
Carol: It'll be between Kail and Mike... Kail because she's smart; she is playing the game in a fair, honest way, with integrity. She's not sacrificing her morals. And Mike is just too quiet to trust. I feel like he's got something brewing in there, just getting ready to come out. Did you make any friendships that will last?
Carol: I can see myself staying in contact with Jen, Kail and Joe, maybe Eric and maybe Dustin. But definitely not Jessica.
Carol: I have no intention of ever being friends with her. Not gonna happen. I can't even call her an acquaintance anymore. She said maybe she'd see you at your reunion in 10 years....
Carol: Our reunion will be in seven years — that just shows how intelligent she is.

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