Brian Hart, <EM>Big Brother 10</EM> Brian Hart, Big Brother 10

Not since the days of Dr. Will have Big Brother fans seen a truly ambitious mastermind pulling strings in the house. Big Brother 10's Brian Hart was up to such a challenge, but unfortunately he pulled too many strings way too fast, proudly making deals with almost every person in the house. In the end, his best laid plans turned sour, and the house sent him packing with a stiff 9-1 vote. We caught up with Brian to see if, looking back, he should have slowed down his approach and why he thinks he already knows who will take this season's top prize. How disappointed were you to be the first person out of the house?
I am disappointed that I was the first to go, but the thing is, I went down playing. A lot of those people in the house wanted to sit around and pick off floaters for three weeks, and that's just really not my personality. I wanted to get in and win that money, and to win that money you've got to take people out who are going to get in your way. I didn't know when or if I was going to get another shot to take Memphis, so I took a shot. Big risks equal big rewards. But did you really need to take all those risks in the first seven days of play?
Brian: The timing was the problem. In hindsight, I would have done the same thing, but I would have put it into effect 24 hours before the veto ceremony. Memphis and I even joked before I left the house that the same eight people who unified to send me home were ready, 12 hours earlier, to send Memphis home. So looking back, I would have probably put the plan into action a little later in the week. Would you have maybe been a little less cocky about your control in the house?
Brian: The arrogance was part of the plan. Like I told Ollie and Dan, the goal of my arrogance was to take the light off the people who were working in the shadow of it. Did you know before the veto ceremony that everything had shifted in the house?
Brian: As soon as I saw Jerry didn't have any of his military gear on, and as soon as Jerry stared talking, that was the first time I had any idea what was going on. Do you think you could have done better without an alliance?
Brian: The whole plan I had was based off of, unfortunately, the people I was working closely with doing their jobs. Everyone I was in an alliance with knew exactly who I was talking to. I told them if they just listened to me and did what they had to do, we'd be fine. And we would have been, but two people of the four flipped. If one of the four had flipped, I probably could have balanced it, but not two. With things like the puppet show, you proved you were a lot of fun. Do you think if you had let more of that out sooner you'd still be in the house?
Brian: I did have a lot of fun. Basically every game in that house, I created. We were joking when I was packing up because I was like, "I don’t know what the hell you guys are going to do when I'm gone." I was like that from the minute I walked in the door, but it got more important toward the end, as I tried to use that personality to win Memphis over. He was the clutch vote. How hard did you fight to get Memphis' vote?
Brian: We talked a few times, and he was like, "Man, I just can't do it. You're crazy." And thank God he did. He's a smart kid, and that would have been the dumbest move of his life if he had kept me in the house because I would have been one of the people who could have gotten in his way to a half a million dollars. He had an opportunity to take someone out who could have taken money out of his pocket, and it was a good, good move. I have nothing but respect for him. It looked like you did have some others' support. Were you shocked by the 9-1 vote?
Brian:  I knew from the very beginning the votes I had. I had Keesha, Angie, Steven, Dan, and I had them if I needed them. But none of those votes mattered to me, because I knew without Memphis, none of it works. Once Angie made an honest play to get Memphis on our side and it didn't happen, I told them all — and Dan didn't do it — to vote with the house if they wanted any shot at it. So the numbers would have been different, but I told them not to vote for me. If you had stayed and won Head of Household, who would you have nominated?
Brian: Libra and April. And then regardless of POV, I'd have substituted Ollie in. With Libra gone it makes Keesha and other people happy. With April gone, it makes everybody in the house happy. If Ollie goes, it splits his little thing with April, and she's sad. So either way it's all smiles. But it would definitely be Libra and April because it would make their whole unifying experience crumble. So how long do you give this new alliance?
Brian: [Laughs] When's the next episode? Listen, I knew I was going, so I thought at least I'd give them a show. And you almost had the Barbie fight of the year. Basically, they went up there as one unified group, and it was so funny how quickly they became these pockets of people here and there. None of them can stand each other. Look at what you guys got in a seven days, which usually takes a couple of weeks. It's really only a matter of time. And your money is still on Memphis?
Brian: Yeah. He's an intelligent guy who is physically above and beyond everyone in that house besides Jessie. Plus, he's charismatic and everybody likes him. I don't know if they are going to have another shot at getting him out of the house. I just don't see it. Any regrets?
Brian: Again, I went down playing rather than as a floater. The only thing I would have changed is the timing. I would have kept the Memphis idea in my head a little longer. I always said the herd was fickle, and like a herd, when one spooks they all run. As long as they don't know where they're going and at the last minute you say turn, they'll all turn. If you give them time to think about it, they're going to go in a million different directions. And that's what ended up happening.

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