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The Big Brother 20 Twist Is...

Did you see this coming?

Sadie Gennis

Big Brotherdebuted its 20th season on Wednesday in an episode that saw 16 new houseguests move in for a summer of showmances, slop and betrayal.

Host Julie Chen welcomed the cast for the milestone season in the first part of the two-night premiere event, which revealed the new twists for the summer: As punishment, contestants will be turned into... robots. Sounds like someone at CBS has been watching too much Westworld.

OK, so they won't be literally turned into a robot -- no waiver will clear that legally -- and the real twist is more than just turning people into machines, but in the premiere, Sam was substituted by what amounts to a moving iPad running FaceTime, kind of like that tech that allows home-ridden children to attend school.

Admittedly, details on the new season's twist are a little foggy, and the robo transformation may not be a weekly thing. But viewers at home will be able to help determine who gets punished and who gets powers as they will vote for houseguests. The houseguest who gets the most votes will get to pick a power from the Big Brother App Store, and the one who gets the least will face punishment.

The announcement is in-line with the "high-tech" theme of Season 20, which also features a Silicon Valley-inspired house.

This is far from the first time Big Brother introduced game-changing powers and punishments. Last summer, the Den of Temptation had major consequences for the houseguests, and never forget how the introduction of the Coup d'Etat, Battle of the Block and Team America shook things up when they were first introduced.

So how did the new houseguests feel about the new twists?

Big Brother's premiere event continues Thursday at 9/8c.

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Julie Chen, Big Brother 20​
Bill Inoshita, CBS