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Big Brother 20's Rockstar Explains What Happened With That OTEV Screwup

"I saw that he had a different bottle and I doubted myself. I really shouldn't have."

Liam Mathews

Angie "Rockstar" Lantry had an ignominous exit from the Big Brother 20 house in Week 7. Kaycee, who had won the Hacker Competition and could mess with HOH Haleigh's picks, took herself off the block and put Rockstar up in her place. It was nothing personal against Rockstar; she was just the most vulnerable member of the bumbling Hive alliance, which keeps getting outplayed by Level 6. And Rockstar didn't help herself. She came this close to winning the Power of Veto during the OTEV memory game but had a mental lapse and double-checked her answer with Tyler, who realized he had the wrong answer and changed it. He won when Rockstar got the wrong answer in the final round.

Rockstar had a feeling she was going to get eliminated, and made a last-ditch effort to form an alliance with Brett to try to secure enough votes. During her speech, she put Angela, Tyler and Kaycee's alliance on blast and basically pitched herself as a weaker competitor who the others would probably rather go up against later in the game than the Level 6 power trio. But it wasn't enough, and she was voted out on a 5-1 count, with only Scottie voting to keep her.

Rockstar is now the second member of the Jury after Bayleigh. TV Guide caught up with her the day after elimination via email from her sequestered location.

Angie "Rockstar" Lantry, Big Brother 20

Angie "Rockstar" Lantry, Big Brother 20

screengrab, CBS

What happened with asking Tyler during the veto? Just a brain fart?
Rockstar: I saw that he had a different bottle and I doubted myself. I really shouldn't have. I thought that maybe I had grabbed the wrong bottle. Those comps are definitely a lot harder than they look.

Is there anything else you would do differently if you could? Other than that veto.
Rockstar: I guess I would have been better at math for that HOH.
Did you think Kaycee knew she was going to be safe all week and just has great acting skills? Or not really?
Rockstar: I think she knew but being on the block always makes you uncomfortable because you can never really be sure. She was probably 75 or 80 percent sure.

Why do you think Angela is so smug?
Rockstar: I think she has lived a life that has allowed her to be so.
You told Julie you think Sam voted to keep you. How did you know Brett didn't honor your "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" alliance and voted against you?
Rockstar: I never trusted Brett. I literally never trusted him, ever.

Who do you think has played the best game so far?
Rockstar: Scottie, because he is smart, athletic, strategic and sneaky.

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