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Big Brother 20: Fessy Imagines What Would Have Happened Had He Not Evicted Scottie

He knows he made a huge mistake

Sadie Gennis

Fessy has left the Big Brother 20 house, and we don't think anyone will miss him much. In his speech on Thursday, Fessy made sure he went out with a bang by attacking the HOH Angela over her allegedly "spoon-fed" upbringing. "Just relax, I promise you're not all that," Fessy sniped, before trying to convince Brett and Sam that Angela is targeting them.

Sam was swayed by Fessy's speech, choosing to be the sole vote to evict Haleigh, but ultimately that wasn't enough to keep Fessy in the house. However, Fessy did have a chance to return in the Battle Back comp -- where he faced off against Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie -- but Fessy soon found himself heading to jury while the guy he sent home was heading back into the house with Haleigh.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you regret targeting Scottie right now?
Probably like an 8 or 9. I was sketched out by him for possible vote flipping. That wasn't a bigger problem than Tyler or Angela. I don't think Scottie would have come for me. I regret it because the game would have been a lot different had me and Scottie still been in. If I would have evicted Angela or Tyler then maybe Bayleigh or Rockstar would have come back in and we would have been a lot stronger.

At one point after Scottie's eviction, you told Haleigh that you partially wanted Scottie out of the house because he was getting too close to Haleigh and you were afraid Scottie would pull her away from you. Do you think your desire to preserve your close bond with Haleigh was worth $500,000?
I was thinking about that earlier this week [and how] just because he was getting close with Haleigh doesn't mean he was bad for my game. If he was still in the game they probably would have targeted him over me, so that was bad for my game in the long run. I just wanted it to be me and Haleigh to the end, so after he confessed that he liked her [it] didn't help that.

Faysal Shafaat, Big Brother 20
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Now that all of her other close friends and alliance members are out of the house -- including you -- how do you feel about Scottie and Haleigh being alone in there together?
I hope that Scottie will have Haleigh's back moving forward and that they can team up and hopefully make it to top four or five together. I hope that Scottie has the same agenda that I would have had, so he will have Haleigh's back to the end.

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You seemed unhappy that Haleigh was still working on her social game after she was nominated by hanging out with Angela and the other side of the house. Do you begrudge her commitment to playing the game by any means necessary?
No. The reality of it was that one of us was going to stay in the game, so I obviously should have been doing the same thing. We do have to be on good terms otherwise we will be the next out. I just didn't think she needed to hang out with Angela. Haleigh is a social butterfly.

Between your HOH and Haleigh's HOH, why do you think both of you were unable to get an actual threat to your game sent home -- was it stupidity, bad luck or something else?
Her HOH, obviously Rockstar dropped the ball on that one during OTEV when she gave Tyler the answer. If Tyler had gone out that week, the vote between Brett and Scottie wouldn't have happened, so I wouldn't have taken a shot at Scottie, so I would have gone for Angela and then we would have gotten two big targets out.

What are your hopes for you and Haleigh's relationship outside the game?
I wanted to continue and I told her that every day when we were in the house. I know my feelings will be the exact same outside of the house. I just hope being in the real world will not change anything.

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