Big Brother 20 doesn't premiere until next week, but we've already gotten our first look at the 16 new houseguests during Monday's interviews with Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Ross Mathews on CBS All Access. And given that first impressions are incredibly important in the Big Brother house (nobody wants to be the first one evicted!), we figured we'd break down our snap judgments of the new houseguests who will compete for that $500,000 prize during the milestone 20th season.

Most Likely to Float His Way to the Middle: Tyler
Tyler looks like and speaks like your quintessential stereotype of a surfer dude, right down to the open neck, palm print shirt. We can't really see a huge target getting painted on Tyler's very chill back anytime soon, but what we can see is him sticking around for a bit while others go after bigger threats until he eventually floats himself right out of our memory.
Choice Quote: "I don't let things get to me, like, emotionally."

Most Likely to Get into a Showmance: Bayleigh
Bayleigh definitely wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to be good, but not good enough to be targeted. She doesn't want to be a floater, but she wants to lay low. She is also a showmance that's waiting to happen. According to Bayleigh, her biggest weakness is boys — but not necessarily in that she can't resist their charms; she just straight-up doesn't understand them. She says that because she went to an all-girls Catholic school, she has no idea how to handle boys or interpret their behaviors. Given this wide-eyed approach to the opposite gender, we can see her getting easily distracted by the men in the house and likely even falling into a showmance without even understanding what's happening.
Choice Quote: "Boys are like... I don't know what they even are."

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Most Likely to Get in her Own Way: Angela
Is there anything worse than a woman saying that other women are threatened by her? No. The answer is no. The second Angela began talking about how "naturally" women are intimidated by her and that she just gets along better with the boys, we began to sniff out the drama to come. She then went on to share her plan to "flirt [her] way into" the potential all-guys' alliance, so yeah, we can definitely see this social strategy blowing up.
Choice Quote: "I want to come off like the ditzy dumb girl but that's really not me at all"

Most Likely to Be a Ticking Time Bomb: Faysal
Faysal has some seriously quiet confidence. Although his energy is very low, Faysal is sure that he's versatile enough to be able to win the game. He definitely has a very diverse background, to be fair. He used play college football, he's now a substitute teacher and he developed some sort of app. But the problem is, he just comes off BORING. He did say that his pride could be one of his greatest weaknesses, so there may be a fierceness to him that we haven't glimpsed yet. Is he a low-key bomb just waiting to be set off? We'd believe it.
Choice Quote: "I am emotional at times, especially during competitions. I do like to compete."

Most Likely to Lose: Haleigh
This bubbly Texas girl says she plans to play similarly to the super low-key Derrick from Big Brother 16, which is automatically hard to picture — particularly when Haleigh admitted that she has a hard time thinking before she speaks. Derrick played an extremely loyal, strategic and controlled game and is one of the show's most beloved players. Haleigh, on the other hand, said she'd rather have America love her and lose than hate her and win. Good luck with that one, girl.
Choice Quote: "I'm just an embarrassing person."

Most Likely to Become a Fan Favorite: Sam
This hairdresser-turned-welder is already our pick for America's Favorite Player. Sam comes off extremely genuine, funny and kind, but also has "ruthless" literally tattooed on her body. The tattoo is just a reference to her grandmother Ruth and not a reflection of Sam's character, but still, this woman is amazing. Sam appears to have a strong moral grounding (and a great vocabulary!). If anyone this season can actually play a hard game without compromising their integrity, we have a feeling Sam might be the one, and she could easily become a fan-favorite player in the process.
Choice Quote: "I'll very quietly and intelligently tear that mother-humper apart."

Most Likely to Overanalyze Things to Death: Brett
Brett is convinced that his background in cybersecurity means he has the expertise in assessing people that will make him a lock to win, but his monotonous, overly analytic vibe is just so darn dull. There's a good chance Brett could overthink every situation, leading him to lose the game by thinking too much about how to play it rather than actually playing it. But hey, at least he loves America?
Choice Quote: "I'm an American patriot fighting in the cyber landscape every single day, keeping you safe."

Most Likely to be Targeted Early: Kaycee
Kaycee is a professional football player, so she likely will kill it in the physical comps, and she claims her ability to be a chameleon means she'll slay the social game as well. However, we don't have a lot of confidence in her mental game because what kind of superfan can't recognize the Diary Room? C'mon, Kaycee, get it together. Despite this, she is quite cock, initially telling Ross that she doesn't have a weakness going into the game. Her confidence isn't very off-putting in this interview (we actually like her a lot!), but we could see it potentially rubbing other houseguests the wrong way — particularly if she is as fierce of a competitor as she claims.
Choice Quote: "I'm open to anything except being with a guy."

Most Likely to Baffle Everyone: Angela Rockstar
Angela is what we in the business call a character. She's got a lot of jokes and a story for everything (plus, a whole hell of a lot of accessories). But which is more troubling: someone still going by their high school nickname or someone who partied like a rockstar in high school? It truly may be a tie. But although Angela is eccentric as hell, she actually does seem to have a solid head on her shoulders, a good grasp of game strategy and the potential to be a strong physical competitor. That being said, we bet this stay-at-home mom's personal style and quirky attitude will probably throw off some of the other houseguests, which could make it harder for her to build alliances.
Choice Quote: "This is my 34th year and I always said that 34 was my favorite number so I was either going to have the best year of my life or I was going to die, and I haven't died."

Most Likely to Have the Best DRs: Scottie
We. Love. Scottie. He is so energetic, so funny and so delightfully nerdy in the best way possible, we seriously just want his commentary on everything. His desire to appear open and honest while actually being a secret prick will also make for some extremely entertaining DRs. Of course, it will probably blow up in his face eventually, but we're going to love watching him every second until then.
Choice Quote: "I sound like Elmo on HGH."

Most Likely to be Underestimated: Steve
Is it just us or did Steve give off some serious Derrick vibes? His background as an undercover cop, his understanding of the game and his unassuming demeanor could seriously set him up for success. But what will really be the wild card for Steve is going to be his age. It either could work in his favor with people underestimating him or it could isolate him from the rest of the much younger cast. Now, if Steve could just find his own ride-or-die Cody, he really could stand a chance.
Choice Quote: "Summer of Steve 2018."

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Most Likely to Have Everyone Swooning: Winston
A true superfan and also a total snack, Winston is a gem. He appears to have the right mix of confidence and self-awareness to go far, but we've seen enough Big Brother to know that can be a tricky line to walk once you're actually in the thick of the competition. If Winston can actually follow through on knowing when to play hard and when to hold back, he might have what it takes to win. Either way, we know he's going to have a whole bunch of fans (and probably a few other houseguests) swooning over his laid-back attitude and easygoing charm — even if he is a bit of a loner.
Choice Quote: "I don't want to come here for Twitter followers."

Most Likely to Rely on Useless Skills: Kaitlyn
If Kaitlyn's entire strategy relies on reading people's energy, this woman will not go far. There needs to be much more to your game than just being in tune with peoples' auras. But at the very least, this life coach is self-aware enough to know that her way of doing things can be "annoying" to other people, which is sign that she might be able to adjust her social game according to who else is in the house.
Choice Quote: "I already know I'm going to win. I've manifested this for months."

Most Likely to Cry a Lot: Rachel
Rachel definitely gets points for saying that the key to winning is jury management, but that's easier said than done. Admitting that she thinks more with her heart than her head also doesn't bode well for her ability to stay strategic all season — ditto for her desire to get into a showmance this summer. Then again, seeing as she'd rather be loved than win, we can't really be too surprised by her choice.
Choice Quote: "I'm an incredibly emotional person. I have a big heart. I'm a Cancer."

Most Likely to Miss the Mark: JC
JC seemed a bit... confused during the interview at first. He didn't automatically understand that it was being broadcast nor did he get that whatever he told Ross would be kept secret from the other houseguests. He also has a pretty big personality but his strategy is to try and fly under the radar. So... yeah. We'll see how this goes for him. To be fair, JC is pretty funny, so we can definitely see him skating by on charm and friendships for a while, even if he doesn't always understand what's going on.
Choice Quote: "I've never seen a strategy like this in Big Brother, so I'm just going to go in and try for the first time to see how that works. You know, like be the baby of the house."

Most Likely to Make Enemies Quickly: Swaggy C
The second we saw that Swaggy C was wearing a shirt with his own name on it, we knew we wouldn't be the biggest fan of him. Then he started explaining how he's definitely going to win the first HOH, make it to jury, survive the double eviction "and then from there it should be smooth sailing." That's when we truly saw how large his ego is. Unless Swaggy C knows how to tone it down a little, we imagine there will be a pretty big target painted on his back shortly after he enters the house.
Choice Quote: "I'm there to give you an entertaining show. Something to get some popcorn with, watch it with your friends and your family."

Big Brother 20 premieres Wednesday, June 27 at 8/7c and continues Thursday, June 28 at 9/8c on CBS.

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